September 30, 2009

Double Shot

Third day of the break.

I finally watched G-Force 3D. Horray! But this time not alone. I was accompanied by Luke and we spent some "mummy and son" time together. LOL...

Luke bought tickets for the earliest session at 11.30am. Kinda hard for me to actually get up from bed. The benefits? No jam. Smooth traffic. Reached Midvalley within 20 minutes, which usually took me no lesser than an hour. Lots of parking to choose from. One thing bad... The cinema was so empty. I could count the audience using only my 10 fingers. The air-cond was god damn cold. Surrounding was quiet. No fun!

Quite ashamed to admit the fact that it was my first time watching 3D movie. I was very excited. So, the show started. I put on my glasses. High anticipation to experience something new that make me bounce off my seat maybe. But my heart sank after a few minutes. Duh! Not much of difference compared to ordinary screening. Paid RM17 for petite disappointment.


Anyway, credits roll to the guinea pigs and the mole. Darwin, Hurley, Blaster, Juarez and Speckles. They are all so cheeky. Great stunts and witty characters. Had some good laughs from time to time. Well, would rate it 7 out of 10. Hey, nearly forgotten the photo of us with our 3D glasses on!

Newly recruited G-Force agents *woohoo*

Almost 2.15pm when the show ended. Hunger pangs knocking on our tummy walls. Luke's favourite, Carls Jr stood right in front of our eyes as we exited the cinema. Since he missed the beef burgers so much, alright... I agreed to have our lunch there.

2 sets of Beef Bacon Cheeseburgers. Medium for me, Large for him...

Luke vs Laura... Who's cuter?

P/S: Jia Lun, this photo is exceptionally taken for you as requested by pig baby. He said you'll be damn frustrated seeing us enjoying those round juicy burgers to bits. Haha. His fault.

Both of us had a long chat during the meal. Been quite some time since we hangout together. Really. Conversation mostly on the recent exams and gossips bout "some other people". Shhh... Secret should remain confidential. Sorry folks. Sat at Carls Jr for more than an hour before we bid farewell and moved to different directions.

To my surprise, I bumped into Mawi and Farah Fauzana who acted in Jin Notti. Chinese and Indians may not heard of them and wondering who the hell they are. Got a quick snap when he was posing with his fans though.

Mawi, one of the Akademi Fantasia champions

It was only 3.20pm when I was bout to leave. My heart repeatedly saying NO. Huh? Took a glance at the Gamer poster. Oh... So, that was the reason behind? My mind immediately did the thinking. Couldn't resist the temptation. My legs automatically walked back to the cinema. Bought the ticket and waited to get in. OK, second movie was all by myself.

Wow... Gerard Butler had a completely different role in this movie. I love him better in The Ugly Truth. I was blurred at the very beginning. Several guys were holding some snipers shooting everywhere. Blood spatting all over. Eww... Awful! Later on, the truth revealed. Gamer is basically bout a psychopathic freak who controls a bunch of prisoners convicted with serious crimes in a game named Slayers by planting a microchip into their heads. Those prisoners would be freed if they win a total of 30 rounds in the game. Sounds crazy? Wait till you watch it with your own eyes. Are you game?

The end of Gamer marked the end of my day too. Enough of loitering in the mall. Let's get home. Before that, take a look at my movie checklist.

The Ugly Truth (checked)
G-Force 3D (checked)
Gamer (checked)

Mission accomplished. Well done, Laura!

Guess what greeted me as I was leaving Midvalley?

*drum rolls*

Not again?
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September 29, 2009

Meet The Parents

Monday blues no more. Yesterday was officially the first day of my sem break. Instead of waking up at 7am to attend Ms Chin's CR tutorial, I crawled out of bed around 12 noon. Quickly took a shower, dressed up and drove my way to Midvalley. Had an appointment with the orthodontist to get my retainer adjusted and a date with my parents. It's been a month since I last met them.

Traffic was smooth throughout the whole journey till I reached Jalan Syed Putra. Parents parked their cars along the road outside Kuan Cheng High School while waiting for their kids to finish school.

See how ridiculous the jam was. It happens everyday without fail from Monday to Friday. The school should take actions to solve the problem. It's not being considerate at all, letting innocent road users to suffer such a jam. Speaking of corporate social responsibility, eh?

Reached Midvalley in the next 20 minutes. Mum and dad were already waiting for me at the clinic. Dr Suresh greeted me cheerfully as I stepped in and announced that the gaps between my teeth have became less visible. The usage of retainer can be reduced to only night wear. So glad to hear that.

Dad reminded me not to lose my retainer again. Yeah, I lost my old ones 2 months ago. The one I'm currently wearing was the replacement, cost me RM350 for only the upper jaw. But the result is priceless.

Headed to lunch after we left the clinic. Upon dad's suggestion, we tried out a restaurant just 2 doors away from the clinic.

Name: Noodle Station
Location: 2nd floor, South Court, Midvalley

Dad loves its environment a lot. He said he felt harmony and peace. As you can see from the photos, the cooking area is in the shop and the seats are placed at the foyer. People would be deceived by its name, thinking only noodles were being served. Of course noodles is its main course on the menu. Western food are also available.

I ordered grilled chicken with brown sauce and iced peach tea to quench my thirst. Mum had her favourite Coke and a chocolate nut ice cream. Dad drank only a glass of hot jasmine tea. I was the only one eating. Mum and dad had brunch before they traveled from Nilai.

(Clockwise from top left: Grilled chicken with brown sauce, chocolate nut ice cream, hot jasmine tea, the menu, iced peach tea)

While I was busy chomping down my meal, I snapped a candid of my parents who were busy talking on the other side of the table. Gotcha! Haha...

My beloved mum & dad. Who do I look alike most?

Off to shopping at Carrefour when I finished up my food. Has been running out of daily necessities as I last shopped for groceries 2 weeks ago. Dad bought me some mooncakes as well. Thanks dad.

My parents left at 5pm to avoid the jam in the KTM. I was not ready to go back yet. So, I went to the cinema hoping to be able to buy a ticket for The Ugly Truth. Oh shit! Missed the 4.30pm session. Never mind. I bought the ticket for 7pm.

What should I do for the remaining 2 hours? For no reason, Twilight came to my mind. Uhuh... Instantly recalled I have yet to finish reading the book the night before. Went to MPH, looked for the book and dived myself into the world of vampires.

I love Twilight very much!

Worth waiting 2 hours to watch The Ugly Truth. As I'm a big fan of comedic love story, I truly enjoyed the show. Similar to The Proposal, the plot revolves around a guy and a woman who don't see things eye to eye with each other at first but love sparkles towards the end. Well, The Ugly Truth has more sense of humour and sex elements including some censored sex scenes, sex jokes and sex language. Make sure you are an audience above the age of 18. LOL...

Movies on the list:
The Ugly Truth (checked)
Gamer (still pending)
G-Force 3D (coming soon... probably be my next post *grin*)

One day of holiday gone. 6 days left!
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September 27, 2009

Risk & Reward

Tanggal dua puluh enam,
Bulan sembilan,
Dua ribu sembilan,
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah!

Ngek ngek ngek... Sorry to the composer for violating his copyright.

I couldn't believe myself to have survived the devastating exam period. Sleepless nights, nasty nightmares, lost of appetite, dark eye bags and worst still ZITS! Would take me at least 2 weeks to fix my look. Naaa... Ironically, my skin is never zits free. But at least they were hardly visible. I told my friends that I look as if I'm 10 years older. Haha.

My exam mission is temporarily over. Revision for ACCA starts in a week's time. Couldn't care much about it. All I wanna do now is to pamper myself with some shopping, movies and perhaps not to forget good food.

Was in Times Square this afternoon. Poh Yee and Cheng are holidaying in Genting. The rest were at work. No point for me to be home alone. Strolled around the mall for 2 hours. More of a window shopping spree. Caught a glimpse of some pretty nice tops. Held them for a minute or two.

Buy? Not buy? Buy? Not buy?

At the end, empty handed! Seemed to be a waste of time. Should have just stay at home, napping or facebooking instead. Uhuh...

Failed to shop. Let's not fail to eat. Passed by this dessert shop, Sweet Chat located at the lower ground floor. I have always wanted to give it a try. Their posters of desserts on the wall simply attracted me. Clever marketing skills. Hey, BA knowledge could be applied here. Haha.

Ordered its Mango Mountain which is actually the normal mango sago. Costed me almost RM8. I can easily get it at the night market for RM3. But this one comes with large portion of mangoes. A good trade anyway. So, this is my so called reward for the day!

Wished to continue my "one day shop alone" outing with a movie. But I was too tired to bring myself to the cinema. There's a long list of movies that I'm interested with.

The Ugly Truth, Gamer and the ever cute G-Force.

Movies, anyone?
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September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Hari Raya is one of the best celebrations we have in Malaysia. The main attraction would definitely be the food. Perhaps youngsters like us might be eyeing for some duit raya instead.

Since I was younger, dad used to bring us for visits to his Malay friends' home. The one that I enjoy most is at Pak Cik Zainal's who stays in Sentul. His wife is a very good cook. She always prepare a variety of traditional Malay delicacies for their guests. Her biggest task of the year. Must be darn tiring.

Too bad I missed it this year. Thanks to my final exam. Dad asked me to stay at home and study.

Argghh... I want all the GOOD FOOD!

Among my favourites: Nasi beriyani, lemang, sayur lemak, rendang, ayam percik

That's not all. I'm a big fan for cookies too.


Why on earth did Hari Raya fall in between our exams? Whenever I heard the fireworks, I would be annoyed. Thinking bout those people who are enjoying themselves while we are burying ourselves with books as thick as a plank. So unfair.


If it isn't the exam period, I would be earning as much as RM400 working for only 2 days of public holiday. High opportunity costs I'm bearing indeed. There's nothing that I can do to change the fact. All I can do is to blame the bad timing. Yeah, put the blame on something else. LMAO.

Anyway, wish all the Muslims SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI and the non-Muslims HAPPY HOLIDAYS...
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September 17, 2009

Feelings Cafe

War starts tomorrow. Time to face the music. Read and read and read. Still, my mind is like a total blank sheet. Status: zero data stored. Dang!

Whatever. I juz couldn't miss my housemate's birthday celebration. It's one of our house rules to celebrate everyone's birthday ever since we moved in. Haha. Usually we planned celebrations among us. Yesterday was the first time we celebrated together with outsiders.

First of all, may I present you the birthday boy?


Happy 23rd Birthday, Siu Keong! Ngeks...

See... That's him holding 2 birthday cakes. How lucky! Initially, Poh Yee and I thought of asking him to go for a drink and bring out the birthday cake as a surprise when 12am struck. Later we found out his college mates and colleagues were planning the same. Why not combine both? Good idea. So, we went to his favourite hang out place. FEELINGS CAFE.

We were the only girls among the 8 guys, including the birthday boy of course. Felt awkward in the beginning. I only know 2 of his friends. The rest were complete strangers. But we mixed together quite well. Nothing is more important than the birthday boy is happy.

While browsing through my photo gallery, I came across all our birthday photos so far.

(Clockwise from top left: Wei Ling, Me, Lik Keong, Poh Yee)

Our birthday cake... Yum yum...

These photos worth a million dollars. Wei Ling has left the house as she moved back to her hometown for internship 4 months ago. Only 3 of us remain as housemates. Truthfully, I really treasure the 2 years period of stay in this house. Best housemates I ever had!
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September 14, 2009

Maridel's Birthday

GAP-ians were on the go again. This time not to karaoke... Not to steamboat... Not to barbecue... Something that we have never tried before. We went for a dinner on 1st September 2009 at a Thai restaurant along Jalan Ampang. It's located between Ampang Park and Plaza OSK named

Honestly, I never notice the existence of this restaurant all the while. My first impression... It has a nice interior. There's bright colorful neon lighting in and out of the building. Suppose to have attracted many bar lovers. But to my surprise, we were the only customers. Are you kidding me?

Had a kind of funny feeling. Must be something wrong somewhere. Else, why would there be no other customers? Anyway, we took the benefit to "own" the whole restaurant without paying the large sum for it. Indeed an awesome deal!

We were entertained by a band consists of an Indian lady and 3 Thai men. She sang pretty well and her dance moves were gorgeous. HOT STUFF BABE! Made us dancing to the beat on our chairs.

Move your booty, move your booty...

Almost forgot to mention the purpose of this gathering. Del's 23rd birthday today. As usual, we don't celebrate birthdays on the exact date, either earlier or later. Del had fun to the max that night. From drinking various liquors to dancing on the stage. Way to go girl.

Craziness has yet come to an end. Time to cut the cake. We requested the DJ to play a birthday song and dedicated a birthday message to Del. It read:


Woopss... I know it's mean but that was the special message written by our creative Abang Khairul. Hahaha. So the party went on. Del cut the cake. Blow the candles. The next minute... *popped*

The entire cake was on her face!!!

Pity the birthday girl. The place was then in a complete mess. Didn't know who actually played the prank. Never seem to have enough, they even threw the bits of cake on the floor at each other. Goodness... I stood at one corner to excape from the whole "play thing". Clever me.

Anyway, I felt sorry to the waiters and waitresses who were looking on. They must be cursing us in their heart for giving them more cleaning work to do before they could go off. We were truly sorry.

Almost 2am when we left. Del was half drunk. Her face was red like a cherry tomato. LOL... Zue took Del and Mel home. I drove Jie Ying and the rest of the guys were in Desmond's car. Proud to say this was the only gathering we had with least drunken people. Horray!

The latest portrait of our GAP family. Love you guys...

P/S: The photographer sucks... XD
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September 12, 2009

I'm Lovin It

Couldn't bring myself to sleep yesterday. So I burned the midnight oil studying P1. Alone. In the living room. Almost done with the whole book. Only bout 2-3 chapters left.

Was too focused with my reading then. When I looked at the clock, it struck 5.10am. OMG... Already morning? Time for bed. While packing my stuff, my mind suddenly flied to McD. Reminded me of its spongy sausage mcmuffin, crispy hash brown and refreshing hot tea. My FA-VOU-RITES!

Worse still my tummy started to growl right after. Oh shit. Couldn't resist the temptation. Within a min, I was in my car driving towards Taman Melati McD.

Not many people at that hour. Only a few tables were occupied by TARC students. It's a trend to so-called "study" at McD during the exam period. Yeah, I brought my P1 textbook with me as well. Thought of reading a few more pages before I call off the day. Hahaha.

Here it is. My potion to pass P1.

Mmm mmmmm... *saliva drools*

It's been a while since I had McD breakfast. Usually go to McD along MRR2 together with Poh Yee and Cheng whenever he came for sleep overs. Well, this time I was all alone. But this reason didn't spoil the appetite for my breakfast.

There was something else that ruined my mood in the delighted morning. Not far from where I was, sat a group of guys from one of the programming courses. Fine at first. Just like any other student, they were reading silently. Their true colours revealed when they were in queue to order their food. Leaving one of them behind to look after their bags.

Let their conversation do the talking...

Guy A at the table
Guy B & Guy C in the queue

(While queuing...)
Guy B: Hey, what do you want me to order for you?
Guy A: Hmm... I think I want chicken.
Guy B: Chicken? You sure?
Guy A: Hmm... Never mind la. I want pepperoni. Wanna eat beef.
Guy B: Okok.
Guy A: Ask them to make the skin thicker. More cheese.
Guy B: Not skin la. That's call stuffed crust.
Guy A: Yeah right.

(While ordering...)
Guy B: Hey, they said no more pepperoni.
Guy A: Huh? Then arr... Steak tenderloin?
Guy B: Waa... Tenderloin?
Guy A: Nola. Nola. Lamb shank. Lamb shank.
Guy B: Lamb shank? What is that? Never heard before.
Guy A: Why you so stupid?
Guy C: You guys... Stop crapping!

How foolish! Imagine the staff at the counter was waiting to take their orders and the rest of us were listening to their LOUD & PROUD conversation. They were obviously making fun of themselves. Bloody useless guys. Their conversation continued as they were eating. Never seem to stop.

DAMMIT. Didn't they realise they were seriously annoying everyone in the restaurant? Beh tahan sitting there any longer. Everything I read didn't seem to be saved into my memory. So I left and Guy A was looking as I walked to the door. Idiot fellow. How I wished to scream at him "NEVER see a leng lui before throughout your life arr???" LMAO...

Listened to songs on my car radio to distract myself from thinking bout the incident in McD. Couldn't wait to get home. My eyes were tired. My brain was jammed. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green at a junction, I snapped a photo of my sleepy look.

Gosh... Look at the dark circle around my eyes & the pimples on my face. Heart ache!
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September 11, 2009

Cinema Mania

Lately movie-goers seem to be so attracted to thriller and horror genre sorta films. Namely, infamous Orphan and recently Final Destination 4.

Eerie posters. Eww...

Most of my friends were frantically talking bout it ever since before they previewed. Those who have already watched them gave 2 thumbs up. Plenty of good reviews especially for Orphan. As quoted by Jia Lun, "This movie is so juicy. You can never predict what's gonna happen next!"

To be honest, I was tempted to give it a try. Can easily be influenced by my peers. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan. NOT because I'm not interested, but I just choose not to watch. Got what I mean? Yes, I'm a scared... I chicken out...

Precisely, I have a super imaginative mindset. I tend to imagine things that aren't real. Am I sick? Maybe. I don't know. Such typical mindset ain't something to be proud of. Really.

Despite the rest were queuing long for tickets to watch something that bring chill down their spines, I opt for comedies or sci-fi. Don't be envy. I told you I'm "special". Haha.

(Clockwise from top left) Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince,
Ice Age 3
: The Dawn of Dinosaur, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra,
Imagine That, I Love You Beth Cooper, The Proposal

I simply adore these films...

I only watched 2 Harry Potter series so far. Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince is the second attempt. Heard the previous series were better off. Maybe this one has a slower-moving plot. Nevertheless, its ending makes me wonder what Harry Potter is up to in the coming series.

Don't really fancy animation nowadays but Ice Age 3 is worth watching. I couldn't help myself laughing at the 2 squirrels fighting over an acorn. OMG... These 2 creatures are basically the heart of attention.

GI Joe is a truly sci-fi, action packed film. You can see unbelievable theories and technologies that have yet to be found in the world. But I believe it wouldn't be impossible in a few more decades. Don't you think so?

Been missing the chance to watch The Proposal for a few times. Luckily, I grabbed the chance at last or I would be regretting. It's like any other love story but Sandra Bullock makes it a WOW... She has the attitude for her role . The right actress for the right film!

I Love You Beth Cooper isn't as good as expected. I was fond of its trailer. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing how Hayden Pannettiere ran into everything with her car like nobody's business. That's pretty cool.

Watched Imagine That with Luke, Jia Lun and Kok Loong. I insisted not to watch Orphan that nite so, they obeyed reluctantly. Both Luke and Jia Lun gave bad remarks bout it. They were demonstrating their disatisfaction that we should go for Orphan instead. Kok Loong and I on the other hand were on the same boat. We were keen with Eddie Murphy's acting. He's a witty actor. The whole story was bout family values which makes the second reason I like this film. Weee...

Alright, enough of me blogging. Gotta get back to my long-abandoned books. Ciao!
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September 9, 2009

9th September 2009

Woke up late as usual around 12 noon. LOL... Know what you people have in mind.

"Laura's lazy... Laura's a pig... Bad bad habit... This and that... Lalalala..."

I don't give a damn. Study week. No more 8am class. Sleep late. Let's cheer. Yahooooo!!!

Online once I'm done with my after-bed routine only to realise it's 999. Nope... Not the police phone number. I mean today's date 9th September 2009 @ 090909.

Juz like what happened last year, there was 080808 and the year before 070707 and so forth. As far as I could remember, 070707 was an unlucky sign for Christians. Forgot the real reason though. 080808 on the other hand means wealthiness ("fatt fatt fatt") to Chinese.

How bout 09/09/09?

I googled it. The results...

Today is a date of auspicious omen.
Happened only once in a hundred years.
A day of interconnectedness.
A day to step yourself into the world energies.

It comes with a few photos. Somewhat like dimension kinda thing. No idea what they are exactly.

Reminded me of kaleidoscope...

Hmm... What do you think?

I also came across several articles bout Chinese couples getting married today as they believe their marriage will certainly last forever. How superstitious! No doubt, number 9 in Chinese represents long-lasting. May God bless them with happiness then.

I may not believe 100% but somehow, a small part of me is attracted to the so-called rumour. What bout.. Whatever I read in the books today will stick in my head long enough till the exam is over? Haha. I juz made myself sounded so...

Silly. Naive. Childish.

Yeah right!
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September 7, 2009

Supper at Jogoya

Finally my Streamyx gets back to normal. Been without internet for a few days. It was like living in the hell. No Facebook... No Youtube... No Blogger...

Have yet to post bout the supper I had at Jogoya 2 weeks ago. Went there at the last day of its BUY 1 FREE 1 supper promotion. 6 of us altogether. Ate all we wanted before catching a midnight movie at GSC Pavilion.

This is what happened while on our way to Jogoya. Dropped by at the fountain right in front of the Pavilion main entrance. The lighting is awesome. So colourful.

Take one with piggy Luke and his Lun Lin. Opss... I mean Jia Lun.

Take two with Kok Loong and Jia Lun again. This time I looked like a little white lamb being eyed by 2 wolves. Picked up the dialogue which Luke used in one of his comment in Facebook.

Kok Loong: What's wrong with Laura ya?
Jia Lun: Hmm... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Laura: Damn these guys!!! Hamsap lou...

Pretty creative huh?

Reached Jogoya too early. Ended up waiting in the queue for 45 mins. Passed time with camwhoring. Haha. There was this poster with a kid which Luke and Jia Lun were trying to imitate.

Participant 1: Luke Ooi Cho Loong

Participant 2: Chong Jia Lun

Vote for your favourite through comments. Each comment is free of charge!

Once we were in, each of us rushed to the counters and grabbed as much food as we could. In no time, the table was no longer empty.

Nope, these were not all we had. Only part of it.

Take a look at the varieties of scrumptious food to satisfy your taste buds. Was unable to take a photo of each counter though. Too busy savouring the food we had on our table. Too bad the free-flow wain wasn't available that night. LOL...


Western food

Cookies & desserts

Of course we didn't sit still throughout our makan session. Took some time off to snap some photos here and there as we don't always get the chance to gather at such expensive restaurant.

The couple of the night, Chiew Wah & Ivan

Course committee weirdos

There must be a personal photo of myself as well. Thanks to Jia Lun, the photographer for such a nice shot. I love it so much...

Do I look like a model? *wink*

It's true to say that things will never be normal when you have guys around. Especially when you have extraordinary guys with you. Wanna know who they are? Stay tune...

Disclaimer: The following photos are only suitable for the view of 18 years and above. Children are advised to view them under the guidance of parents.

Are you ready?

Let's kick off with the legendary kissing chain. Started by Kok Loong --> Luke --> Jia Lun. And now, he passed it on to Ivan. Poor Ivan. I wonder who's the next victim. Beware guys!

C'mon baby... *smooch smooch*

More to come. More advanced. More sexual intense. Tada tada...

Luke with his coconut boobs

Jia Lun with his coconut balls

Wahahaha... Can't stop laughing at the photos myself.

The overall supper was good. Ambience surrounding. Yummy-licious food. Good peers. Give it a rating of 8 out of 10.

Last photo before leaving for our movie. Cheese...

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September 1, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

Weekend comes to end. Weekdays come to start. Argghh... Gotta get back to college, attend lectures and tutorials. Can't the weekend be a lil longer? Though yesterday was an additional public holiday, I never seem to have enough of days off. Greedy me! But I bet everyone agrees to this.

It's already Week 15. Getting some nerves towards the exam. Read a chapter in the CR textbook before sleep yesterday. Well, it's a good start. At least I did something. Only PA is still in the KIV status. U know... "Keep in view". Haha.

Almost late for BA tutorial this morning. The weather was so cooling. I was snuggling in my warm blanket when my alarm rang. Raining mildly when I left home. Dammit! I hate to get my feet wet. Walked a long way to K block from the car park. The building is shabby and it looks as if it's haunted. Eww... Mosquitoes are everywhere. Bad morning huh?

Having my lunch break now. Ms Chin's lecture at 2pm. Gonna take a quick nap to get my brain ready for a torturing 2 and a half hours session of accounting standards. FRS... IC Interpretation... IFRIC...

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