August 30, 2009

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Let's get things started here today, at this very moment, in conjunction with our Independence Day eve. Oh yes... Tomorrow marks Malaysia's 52nd year free from British colonial rule. Our prime ministers have been performing their role well enough to preserve our country's independence for that long huh? Seems like it.

So this is our current Prime Minister, Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

Independence Day eve is meant for Malaysians to gather at the heart of Kuala Lumpur and countdown for 12am to struck. But then, I didn't do that for bout 3 years. Why? Coz TARC exams always fall around that period. Another reason would be, I'm quite reluctant to squeeze myself into the huge crowd. Mind you... H1N1 is getting more serious. You would choose to be safe and stay at home instead.

Speaking bout exams, I have yet to complete even a 10% of the overall revision progress. Die hard this time! Will get a headache for sure whenever I see the books "smiling" at me. Sounds familiar? Ms Chin always say that. Remember?

Around 6 more hours to go before midnight. It's 6.30pm. Let's take some time off to have dinner and FACEBOOKING, shall I? LOL...

By the way, Happy Birthday Malaysia... I love you!
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