August 23, 2010

Movie On Screen

These are the movies I watched for the past 2 months. Due to time constraint, movie quantity goes down but quality goes up. Sort of a good thing huh?

Eclipse is a long awaited movie. The plot is far better than New Moon. You can see more lively action scenes rather than romance on its own.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is entertaining. Filled with magical tricks and humorous dialogues. Laughter is the best medicine.

Salt thrilled me to the max. Those stunts made my jaw dropped. You just couldn't have enough. In addition, Angelina Jolie looks super hot with black hair.

Inception is one of the most complex movies I have ever watched. Requires a lot of brain storming and imagination to fully understand the whole story. It taught us a worthy lesson though. Never try living in your imaginary world!

Love In Disguise has wonderful music and what's more? Lee Hom captures every lady audience's heart with his look and mesmerising songs. I cried at a few scenes. Crystal Liu is good at being emo. Touching indeed.
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August 22, 2010

See You Again

The day Aunt Rosalind and Lauren flew back to US...

Had our last reunion lunch at Madam Kwan's.

Reserved our table the day before. Uncle Wai joined us too. Had not seen him for ages. He used to visit us and be one of my playmates when I was a child. But he refused to have his photos taken due to his age. Speechless.

Bro and I reached the restaurant 1st. While waiting for the rest, we camwhore nearby.

So cute... =P

It was my 2nd time dining at Madam Kwan's. Previously I tried its Nasi Lemak. Not bad. This time I tried its Nasi Bojari. Taste superb. The fried chicken is so tender. Thumbs up!

I managed to take the photo of each sub-family. The 3 children - Aunt Rosalind being the eldest, followed by my dad and youngest Uncle Bernard.

1st child

2nd child

3rd child

Strolled around Empire Shopping Gallery for an after meal exercise. I bet everyone has gained weight since Aunt Rosalind arrived to Malaysia. She had been feeding us the food heaven. LOL...

Aunt Rosalind and Lauren checked out from the hotel at 2pm and we moved to KLIA. The plane would be departing at 7pm. So, we spent the next few hours having family talk and snacking on McDonald ice cream and fries.

Gonna miss them so much. Looking forward to see them again.

Take care my dearies...
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Seafood Galore

Picked up Aunt Rosalind and Lauren from the hotel last Saturday evening for dinner. That's been our routine for the past 2 weekends. You see... Everyone was busy working during the weekdays. Left Saturday and Sunday for us to organise family gatherings.

My family lingering at the hotel lobby

Lauren trying to finish reading her Eclipse novel

Wen Hao and I enjoying Smarties

After a long discussion, the adults decided to go all the way to Klang to savour the best seafood. The name of the restaurant is Restoran Seafood Kebun Kelapa located in Pandamaran. Dad told us we occasinally dine there when bro and I were still kids. Wow... The restaurant has been up and running for so many years?

Mouth watering dishes

Look how deliciously everyone was eating.

The noise from hammering the crabs can be heard throughout the whole dinner. Wanna thank my dad for settling my crab shells. Hehe... Yeah, I'm a baby daughter!

Happy family

Uncle Bernard & Aunty Agnes

Thanks Aunty Rosalind for all the good food
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Durian Party

Just a short post on DURIANS...

It's the fruit that is always on Aunt Rosalind's A-Must-Have list whenever she comes back. Well, I would say most of my family members are durian fans. Just nice it was durian season recently. Uncle Bernard bought a big box of durians and we had a durian party at his house.

Sorry to the kids who hate the smell. While the adults were enjoying their king of the fruits, the lil cousins had sushi at the other corner in front of the tv. LOL...

Speaking of durian ambassador, who's more qualified?

Yeah, I look a lil weird and my bro looks too happy.

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August 21, 2010

Food Tour

Aunt Rosalind's visit was like a "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" program. Everything bout food. My blog is temporarily turning into a food blog too.

It was Aunt Rosalind and Lauren's 2nd weekend in Malaysia. Our journey started with lunch at De' Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant in Sungai Buloh.

Looks so traditional huh?

As promised, there are more photos of my family members taken this time around. Introducing the roots of the Leong family...

Dad, Uncle Bernard, Aunt Rosalind & Grandma

Waiting for makan session

The adults ordered quite a number of food. But they managed to empty every plate and continued with desserts. I tasted only a few as I didn't have the appetite.

Yummy Thai delicacies

Self service mix & match dessert corner

I was actually more keen with the camera than the food. Hahaha. Paparazzi on duty!

4 cousins (Lauren, me, bro & Wen Hao), incomplete without Wen Han

Finally, a complete family portrait!

Headed to Midvalley after we were done at De' Chiengmai. As usual, looking for a car park was tough. We found one near the cinema. Apparently, the basement was full but the ones in Zone G and H were quite vacant.

First thing to do, shopped for Uncle Eddie's formal wear at the Robinsons, The Gardens. Next, booked a table for dinner at Dragon-i. Aunt Agnes and Uncle Bernard brought the kids to the arcade while the rest of us chilled out at Baskin Robbins to pass time.

Sharp at 6.30pm, we reached Dragon-i and there was a long queue of diners waiting to be seated. Luckily, we booked a table earlier.

Ordered ala carte dishes. My La Mian with Shanghainese pork chop tasted the best.

Mmm mmm...

I know the photos of food are very tempting. More to come. Stay tune!
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Visitors From US

Aunt Rosalind and Lauren came to Malaysia for a 2 weeks visit on 1st August. Uncle Eddie didn't follow them over. So, I took a lot of photos just to keep him updated. He named it the "Rosalind-Lauren Official Holiday Journal". LOL...

We met up with Aunt Rosalind and Lauren in the evening for reunion dinner. They only come back every 4 years. We keep in touch through email all the while. Thanks to technological advancement.

Needless to introduce the restaurant...

The food is not bad. But the price is expensive. Dinner for 11 pax costs us almost RM400.

*wallet became slim*

Wondering why only photos of food were taken but not the family members? Since everyone was so busy enjoying the meal and some of them looked pretty tired, I let everyone settle down before I snapped my heart out the next time we gathered.

The very next day, all trainees in my company were on leave. Accompanied Lauren to Cosmo Theme Park located in Times Square while Aunt Rosalind and Aunt Agnes ran some errands. Had lunch at Sushi King 1st.

My Unagi bento

Ain't she cute?

I personally hates going to the theme park for 2 reasons. 1stly, I'm afraid of terror rides. I don't trust the rides are safe. I was nearly flung out from my seat in one of the rides. Shit man! I held so tightly onto my lil cousin to ensure she was in place. I swear I'll never go there ever again. 2ndly, it's childish to play along with the other kids. Those young fellows kept staring at me.

But then, I'm glad Lauren had so much fun. It's wonderful to see that bright smile on her face. What's more that an elder cousin sis can ask for?

Moved to Sungai Wang later in the evening. Bro joined us for dinner at Super Noodle House after he finished work. Aunt Rosalind missed its delicacies especially roasted duck.

Window shopped for another 2 hours before sending them back to the Empire Hotel. I was seriously tired at the end of the day. Had joint pains due to over usage of strength to hold my cousin during the rides at the theme park.

Please... No second time!
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Hectic New Job

Nearly 2 months since I started working with HDPM. What HDPM stands for? Go find it out. It's inconvenient for me to reveal the full name here. Prohibited!

Anyway, I find myself slowly adapting to the company's environment, culture, policies and procedures. It's really different compared to the audit firm I worked with during practical training. Security and confidentiality are top priority. Not used to follow so many tight rules and regulations. Very tiring at times. But as the proverb says, "When you are in Rome, do like what the Romans do". Fortunately, the managers and fellow colleagues are friendly and helpful. Glad to know them all.

My department consists of more than 130 staff, divided into 3 major categories and 8 operating teams. Seems like I've gone back to my school days where the Chinese is the minority. I speak in Malay and English since I joined this organisation. There are only 8 other Chinese staff who I'm still not close with. Pathetic eh? Not a bad factor though.

There's so much to learn. You just can't claim yourself as an expert even after many years of working experience. Changes to policies and procedures happen everyday. Cascades will be delivered to the mail box. It's our own responsibility to get ourselves updated. Well, one of the disadvantages working in the banking line. Oppsss... Looks like I've drop you guys a hint.

*wink wink*

Did I ever mention bout my abnormal working hours? Mine is from 3pm to 12am. Wondering why? I'm serving UK clients. I gotta follow UK working hours and I gotta brush up my English. Duh! One thing I like bout it, I fear of no massive jam and I can speed on the road.

Staff is not allowed to bring in any electronic device into the processing floor. So, I wasn't able to take photos as I wish to. Participated in a number of activities in these 2 months - Inductions, Birthday Bash, Netball. Too bad, the photos taken by the Human Resource team are kept inside the internal drive. No one can possess them in private.

Will post the few photos I've taken recently. Hope there are more to come soon...

3rd Day Induction for KLC & Cyberjaya staff

Buka puasa in Nando's

Our dinner
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