August 22, 2010

Seafood Galore

Picked up Aunt Rosalind and Lauren from the hotel last Saturday evening for dinner. That's been our routine for the past 2 weekends. You see... Everyone was busy working during the weekdays. Left Saturday and Sunday for us to organise family gatherings.

My family lingering at the hotel lobby

Lauren trying to finish reading her Eclipse novel

Wen Hao and I enjoying Smarties

After a long discussion, the adults decided to go all the way to Klang to savour the best seafood. The name of the restaurant is Restoran Seafood Kebun Kelapa located in Pandamaran. Dad told us we occasinally dine there when bro and I were still kids. Wow... The restaurant has been up and running for so many years?

Mouth watering dishes

Look how deliciously everyone was eating.

The noise from hammering the crabs can be heard throughout the whole dinner. Wanna thank my dad for settling my crab shells. Hehe... Yeah, I'm a baby daughter!

Happy family

Uncle Bernard & Aunty Agnes

Thanks Aunty Rosalind for all the good food


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