January 31, 2010

Drama Addict

I'm currently alone in my room, in a house with no other than my bro and I. The other housemates are either back to hometown or at work.

Boring Sunday.

As I was filtering files to be transferred to my new lappy, I came across the images I saved in one of my folders. Images of Taiwan dramas that I've watched so far. Remember in my previous posts quite some time ago, I mentioned I have been watching old dramas to keep myself entertained during the ACCA exam period?

Well, it has then become a habit to actually continue watching more and more of them. I'm such an addict!

And hey... I used to be a TVB drama fanatic. Coz I have better understanding in Cantonese. But now, language isn't a barrier anymore. I seem to enjoy Taiwan dramas in Mandarin without the need of subtitles. Practice makes perfect eh???

Let me share my past 2 months drama documentary with you guys... o(^.^)o

It Started With A Kiss <惡作劇之吻>

It Started With A Kiss 2 <惡作劇2吻>

Love or Bread <我的億萬麵包>

Honey & Clover <蜂蜜幸運草>

Summer X Summer <熱情仲夏>

Notice the similarity between the dramas above? To those who did, BINGO! To those who didn't, it doesn't matter.

Before this, I was never once bother bout Joe Cheng's dramas. I used to think fan blogs are exaggeratedly complimenting on how handsome and how talented he is. However, It Started With A Kiss changed my perspective totally. His charismatic roles make me look forward to watch even more of his dramas. Can't wait for It Started With A Kiss 3 to be aired. Heard it should be some time this year.

Next on the recommendation list:

Miss No Good <不良笑花>

Wish To See You Again <這裡發現愛>

Woody Sambo <無敵珊寶妹>

Rolling Love <翻滾吧!蛋炒飯>

Bump Off Lover <愛殺17>

My MVP Valentine <MVP 情人>

The legendary 5566. Super famous during my secondary school days. Awesome boy band. Wonderful songs. Too bad they dismissed some years back. Don't you think guys who play basketball look muscular and manly? Awww...

By the way, Taiwan drama soundtracks can be downloaded from AZN Dramas.
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January 30, 2010

Second Time Around

Thaipusam. Public holiday. Yippie!

Everyone's out. How could we stay home and miss the fun? There goes my second round shopping in Sungai Wang Plaza.

On the way

Everyone seems to be doing last minute shopping like us. Holy crap! The parking bay was full. The stores were overly congested. The queue at the fitting rooms was at least 20 feet long. The queue at the cashier counter was of the same length.

No kidding.

I should have taken a photo of the situation. But I was too busy picking on clothes.

Mum and I lingered in the same shop for bout an hour plus. Both of us nearly suffocated from the fierce crowd of "bargain hunters". Luckily I suggested dad and bro to have their high tea in a nearby cafe. Our suffering paid off in the end. Mum bought me a dress and herself a blouse.

All I'm lacked now is a pair of shoes and a new handbag.

Went from shop to shop but ended up in vain. Shoes I spotted were either too tall or out of size. Not being able to wear 3 inches heels and size 6 isn't my fault. Blame my height!

Almost 6pm when we finished going around the mall. Time for dinner. Headed to our favourite Super Noodle House.


No photos on food. All I could say is the shrimp wanton noodle and white fungus with longan and honey dew dessert are delicious. The beef brisket noodle is as good too.

My beloved family

Besides clothes, I also brought home a "new toy". Guess what???

Aspire 4740G

Latest model from ACER. Woohoo...
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January 29, 2010

CNY Shopping

Believe it or not, last Saturday was my first round of shopping for the coming Chinese New Year. When most of my friends have stocked up their wardrobe with new clothes, new shoes and new accessories, I'm just in the mist of a head start.

Bro had to work half day. So, I waited for him to pick me up from Times Square before heading to Pudu for lunch with mum and dad. Did some shopping on my own. Bought a set of formal wear at Nichii and a collared T-shirt for bro at Forest.

Bored while waiting for bro to crawl his way out from the jam. I utilised my time shooting CNY decorations.

Auspicious red decorations

After lunch in Pudu, the next stop was Midvalley. Walked from shop to shop - PDI, Padini Authentic, Seed, P&Co, Colours, Voir, Elle, Giordano, Romp, Topshop and even Jusco. I ended up with a foot ache and 4 pieces of T-shirt.


I'm not being choosy. But the clothes available in the stores ain't my taste. Eww...

Had another photo shooting in Midvalley and The Gardens with bro.

Bro in white, me in purple...

Dinner at Old Town. I ordered the dinner set of Lam Mee, came with soft drink and pudding.

I didn't torture my pudding like how Jia Lun did. Blekz =P
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Assignments Once Again

Last semester no assignment, all progressive tests...
Complained too much to be STUDIED!

This semester 4 assignments, only 2 progressive tests...
Complained too much PRESENTATIONS!

Pretty ironic, isn't it?

For the past 3 weeks, 2AFA students have been annoyed to the max by 2 assignments.

Firstly FDM. Should we invest in Dutch Lady? Should we not? Nobody knows.

Secondly ME. Presentation in Malay language. Duh!

Whatever it is, I kinda enjoyed the time doing business analysis and applying critical thinking skills into the project. From presentation wise, I personally think I performed badly. I spoke like a M16, shooting random piece of information to the audience.
I panicked?


Gosh... I wasn't really being myself that day.

Marks given were not revealed by Mr Tan yet. The wait is killing me. Anyway, sad times would not stop us from having photo session. Muahahaha...

Pretty group members. Love you gals >.<

Our previous P1 & current FDM lecturer, Mr Tan Vooi Giap

Sweeter than honey. Haha...

Future business associates!

Whose finger on the top left corner? *cough cough*

There were more photos in Yee San's handphone. But the idiotic snatch thief took all our memories with him. No backup. Grrr...

Last photo of the day

Does the pose look familiar to any of you? LOL...
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January 18, 2010

Countless Attempts

Date: 18 January 2010
Time: 10.07 pm
Venue: Room sweet room

Updating blog at this very moment. 1st post of the brand new year! Woohoo...

Happy Belated New Year to you guys.

As usual, time passed really fast. It's the 3rd week of 2010. This should be my longest period of disappearance, eh? I kinda missed out a lot. No post on New Year celebration, no post on New Year resolutions. Practically, I didn't start the new year quite well. It was a HOME ALONE thingy. So, I don't see the need to blog bout it.

Many things happened these few weeks. 3 major issues.

Put them in a summary, shall we?

Issue #1: Assignments
The urge of meeting deadline is back, ruling the life of all 2AFA students. FDM analysis sucks big time. Totally have no idea of what we are crapping in those PowerPoint slides. Will be presenting this Thursday. Hopefully we can bypass Mr Tan with ease. Most of us are worrying over ME. Presentation will be conducted in Malay. Duh... Been 'N' years since I ever use proper Malay in conversation.

Bahasa pasar boleh lah! XD

Issue #2: Double responsibilities
I'm sick of being an assistant course rep and sub-printing manager at the same time. Thinking of the good old times during diploma, I seldom complain bout my work load no matter how bad things turned out to be. But now, I easily get upset and stressed up. For what reason? I don't know. I juz hate how people send unnecessary sms asking me this and that. I hate how people pushed me so hard to get their printing done. Damn! I can't do magics. Look for David Copperfield if you need one.


Issue #3: FM Resit
Gotta face the music again. TODAY! Despite being reluctant, I went through it wholeheartedly. I feel as if I'm going to puke whenever I see those notes. Still, reality is reality. It was my 2nd last chance to clear it off and I guess I screwed it. I don't wish to blame others but the lecturer has to be partly responsible if I failed again. Such nonsense questions he set for the exam! Bloody hell. He implies too much on practical theory which in my opinion, we are not up to that level. Mind you... It's a Skill module. Even a Professional module student like me think it's difficult, how bout the juniors? Why did I have to get a BIG SURPRISE in every FM paper? Am I not worth to get a pass forever?

*CMAO - Crying My Ass Off*

I seriously need an escapade and I realised I hadn't been to the cinema for ages. Sherlock Holmes is still in my pending list and many many many more!

Don't think I'll be able to accomplish this mission too soon. Progressive tests will be seeking in next week. Oh shit... This month is all bout EXAMS. Lifeless January.

2010 ain't a good year for me, I predict...
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