March 30, 2010

Zubinos Coffee Shops

Final presentation of the semester.

Spent ages doing research, compiling report, goggling images, producing video, preparing slides and setting up our dummy consulting company, Rubicon & Partners. Restless nights for almost a month. Thanks to Zubinos, there are acne scars all over my face.

*long sigh*

But all the hard work paid off when our presentation ended in a good way. Mr Tan didn't comment much bout our performance. Overall satisfactory. But as far as I can see, each group did a hell lot better than the previous presentation on Dutch Lady.

Kudos AFA2!

It has been our custom to take group photo at the end of every presentation. Juz to record down the look we had in formal wear. Exceptional physical appealing eh?

The "professional" consultants & Mr Tan (aka Mr Luis Zubino)

A close up with Mr Tan. Smiles of relief!

As the so-called Assistant Project Manager, ehem ehem... I wanna express my token of appreciation to my beloved groupmates - Justina, Yik Hua, Cai Feng, Karmen, Victoria and Zi Ying. Without you gals, our assignments wouldn't turn into success. Sorry for my short temper all these while and thanks for bearing with me.

*sending flying kisses*

My beautiful ladies (Karmen MIA)

Jin Hui who acted as the Project Manager of the other team, took the opportunity to take a photo with us too. Well, my team has the most female members. 7 of us.

Ahh... Such a bliss

Done with indoor photography, we continued with outdoor. Wahahaha. Camera addicted kings and queens on the go.

My class rep, Mr Joe

I personally requested to pose this way. LOL...

Part of the guys from my class. Handsome???

Proud being SBS students

Moved to a 3rd spot for our photo shooting. The ever famous TARC graduation arch.

Solo with the giant pile of books

Nice one
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Nothing Is As Silly

Another further delayed post from me. Sorry guys... My blog has turned into an ancient diary dumping area eh?

Went to Times Square last 2 weeks on a Sunday. Did some shopping and bought the dress that I wore during my class gathering. Will blog on the event soon. Currently down with a heavy flu. Couldn't sit for too long. Else, my nose will be blocked by those disgusting mucus. Eww...


By the way, has anyone watch this movie yet?

OK, I know what! Those who have NOT may be anticipating to grab the tickets at the cinema. Those who have, let me guess, should be cursing as for the money they paid made them waste 90 mins watching a silly to the bones kinda movie. Let's put it short. One word exactly... Rubbish!

The slogan on the poster says it all. Coming To Hit Your Funny Bone. Yeah, you'll laugh from the very beginning and you'll continue to laugh and laugh and laugh to a point where you notice you were all the while laughing at a bunch of fools but there ain't any development on the plot. Totally meaningless. I heard this is a cantonese version for Scary Movie. So, I shall conclude both movies suck big time.

Strictly, no second time!

But there was something that brighten up my day. Had dinner at Leo's then after.

Juz opposite Neway Karaoke

Ordered their set meal of Thai fried rice that comes with a glass of iced lemon tea and slices of watermelon. Cost only RM6++ and it taste fantastic. Nice fragrance. Mouthful of hot tomyam flavor.


Rating 8/10

Bad movie. Good food. Compensation works that way! Haha...

I'm addicted to this new Taiwan drama. It has good looking actors and actresses. Worth waiting for an episode per week.

*ngek ngek ngek*

P.S. Man <偷心大聖P.S.>

That's all for now. Gotta hop under my blanket and get some rest.

More updates to be released. Stay tune...
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March 23, 2010

Surprise Turned Failure

I was extremely busy lately. Been working myself like a cow since last weekend till Thursday. Gluing my eyes on the lappy screen and my butt stuck to the chair for long hours. Miserably tortured by a 7 lettered word.


Thank god it's all over. Heading back to my carefree routine, but soon to be terrorized by final exam. Poor me!

Anyway, I didn't fail to remember what day "317" is supposed to be.

My pig baby's birthday. Who? Errr... Birthday boy to be introduced later. Some story telling as a kick start.

We initially planned to throw him a surprise house visit. But we changed plan. After going through a lot of hooks and crooks, we were back at our original plan. Long story. To cut it short, 2 words... Plan failed!

The moral of the story:
Never plan something at the very last minute

Here's the pre-birthday celebration outline:

Bought a cake from Baker's Cottage. Cappuccino Temptation. Then, picked up Kok Loong and Shi Min from their home.

Reached Restoran Tong Jieng in Danau Kota. Waited for an hour before the arrival of the birthday boy and his mates.

Birthday boy was given the chance to make the order. Everyone at the table sent eye signals without the birthday boy noticing. Pretended as if we were coincidentally having dinner at the same restaurant. Lame excuse, I know!

Kok Loong being our "servant". Reason not to be disclosed =P

Everyone was too full for cake. Oh my... What should we do? Paid for the bill and waved bye happily at the birthday boy. But secretly making our way to his house in Cheras.

Successfully locate his house after making a few wrong turnings at the Hospital Pantai roundabout. Hid in the kitchen while waiting for him to finish his bath.

While we were anxiously waiting to surprise him from our steaming hideout place, our slippers at the front door betrayed us. Expecting us in the kitchen, he came in cheekily. Still we popped out with sweat dripping from our face and sang him a birthday song.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Piggy Luke

May I present you our beloved chubby AFA2 printing manager, Luke Ooi Cho Loong...

Birthday boy

Family portrait (incomplete without his big bro)

His parents are really friendly. Mum prepared our drinks and do the washing while dad had a chat with us. Such a warm hospitality. Oh yeah... His younger bro, Yang Yang is not to be missed too.

Yang Yang's new big bro & big sis

All of us couldn't help ourselves to take photo with Yang Yang. Ain't he the most adorable creature in the house?

The rest are some random photos taken in kitchen. Yes, his kitchen has been our background of the day.

Good looking "mummy" & "son"

Man & women in black

Not enough with twosome photos with Yang Yang, we made it a threesome. Abandoned the birthday boy for his bro instead.

Very heart warming right? Like a "family". Woohoo...

Aiyo... Kok Loong spoiled the whole scene.

Left Cheras after a tiring night. Back to Wangsa Maju with all smiles.

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March 13, 2010

Big Guy's Surprise Visit

8.45pm. Received a sms from Wey Shin while having dinner.

"Laura, are you free? I yamcha with Thian Hoe in Sri Rampai now. You wanna join? Can come slightly later. Take your time. Thian Hoe said if you don't come means don't give him face."

*in shock*

What a short notice! Sped to Old Town in Rampai Business Park within 30 mins. Normally, I don't give a damn for unplanned hangout. But it's a request from the dearest big guy who came all the way from Subang Jaya, so I made it an exception.

The very last time I saw Thian Hoe was somewhere in January when I was doing my CNY shopping in Midvalley. Bump into him coincidentally and chatted for a very short while. Yesterday, we managed to sit down at ease and updated each other with our current issues from A to Z while sipping the famous milk tea and white coffee. Woohoo...

Big guy in green

He seriously changed a lot since he left TARC 2 years ago. Absolute positive changes. He's been doing very well in studies and turns into a responsible leader. Physically, he has slimmed down so much that he claims to be a lost of prosperity. Gotta see him with your own eyes to believe. One word... WOW!

The threesome

Had a great 3 hours talk with these people. May we have another night like this sometime soon.

(From top left): Wey Shin, Thian Hoe, Me & Chen Ling
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All About Movies

Managed to catch 2 movies at the cinema lately.

72 Tenants of Prosperity was a treat from Poh Yee's boyfriend. He got his 1st pay from his 1st job upon graduation. Thanks Cheng Cheng! Hehe...

I think this is the best CNY movie for 2010. I'm not bias coz it's a collaboration of more than a hundred of famous Hong Kong film stars. But the overall story is pretty good. Well, there's a purpose behind every scene with a touch of humour and musical. It's not only on a "just for laughter" basis. Worth watching. We left with aching tummies resulted from laughing too hard.

There are a number of high ratings on Alice In Wonderland. Very curious to know how good the movie is. Getting the tickets was a nightmare itself. I tried to reserve the tickets through GSC website and phone call. Unfortunately, every session was fully booked. Shocking much? Luckily, Luke helped me bought them using online payment. Thanks for your help, pig baby...

It was bro and his gal's 1st experience watching movie on 3D. They felt a lil dizzy but adapted to it soon after. Hmm... I was not too fascinated by the story. Find it quite childish as it's based on the nursery storybook which we used to read when we were kids. But I was certainly impressed by the characters of the story. They made the movie so lively. Good choice of actors and actresses.

Robert Pattinson's new movie, Remember Me looks interesting. In my next to be watched list. Hopefully, it's not a lame romance movie.

I bet I'll be broke from spending too much on cinema tickets.

*sob sob*
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March 6, 2010

Day Out

Celebrate after knowing our ACCA results? Not really... Tend to lie low coz passing the core papers ain't the end of our war. But we did organise an outing for 9 to Midvalley last Saturday for the sake of food and movie.

Sorry for the delay. Got the photos from Joo Sim 2 days ago.

Here's where we started our day. Lunch at Gardens Sushi Zanmai.

Featuring the out-goers...

Some of my friends wondered why the guy in the center gets a larger share in the photo above compared to the others. Well, he's our course rep. Should be given a better treat. Haha... Status makes a difference.

Ordered quite a lot of food. Ala carte for ourselves and sushi on Kok Loong. Thanks BOSS!

Part of the food on our table

Next would be AFA2 committee behind the scene.
Too cute to resist huh? LOL...

There were only 2 thorns among the roses. So, they were overjoyed. Look at the smile on their faces. As if they won the 1st prize in lottery. Juz kidding.

Surrounded by pretty babes. Ah bliss!

By appearance, the committee may look serious at work. But in fact... We are as playful as everyone does. Crazily attracted to the camera then. Couldn't bear to see themselves not being captured.

Can you spot the difference???

Group portrait is certainly not to be missed

Left Sushi Zanmai with bloated tummies. Oh my... Overly filled by sushi and bento. 2 hours before it's time for our movie. Some gals went to shopping while the rest of us lingered around the mall, randomly snapping photos as we went.

An hour later, we stopped by Baskin Robbins for ice-cream. Wow... Had we digest our heavy lunch?

Wey Shin's & mine. Forgot the names!

The big eaters. Muahahaha...

Handmade starry starry night

4.20pm at Hall 17. Watched Up In The Air as recommended by Kok Loong. None of us had any idea what the show was all bout.

I was bored at the very beginning. Slow moving, not much of actions and too much of talking. But that's the beauty of the show. You have to listen well to their dialogues to get the jeez of it. Luke was sound asleep towards the end. Duh!

Dinner at Kim Gary. Tummy growling in hunger. Camwhored while waiting for our food to be served.

Fellow committee again

Joo Sim suggested something really silly. 3 of us pretended to be cute tigress. Swt...

Vote for the CUTEST ^_^

Our set dinner. Look good but taste not-too-bad...

Last photo of the day. Ended with all smiles.

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Too Good To Be True

Last Monday was a predicament to all ACCA students who sat for December 2009 exam. Results to be released at 2pm. But people were sitting in front of their computers, trying to log into the website as early as 12am. Well, one of them was myself. Hehe... Too ashamed to admit though coz it was written on the website "results available from GMT 0500 onwards" which is 2pm in Malaysia. My mistake!

Was too afraid to check my results. I lowered my expectation in order to avoid disappointment. Hoping to get a pass in PA as I think I did fairly well. While my coursemates were results shopping during AT lecture, I had nothing to share. Received the notification from ACCA later than the rest of them.

So, let's begin to scroll.

Very slowly... One by one...

Wow... To my surprise, I passed 3 out of 4 papers. What a bliss!

22 February 2010 is one of the historical day in my life. I hadn't been so fortunate for a long time. The feeling couldn't be described by words. Used to grief so much over my nasty results ever since my 1st failure in FM last year followed by PA and BA last semester. Now, I have something to be proud of.

I did it. Yes, I've regained my victory. My parents were overjoyed. I believe grandpa is looking over me from above. Thanks for all the blessings, grandpa... Will see you on Ching Ming next month.

Looking forward to June's sitting. I wonder how I'll be doing then. May luck always stay by my side. God bless too.
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