April 29, 2010

April Baby

Sze Yi's birthday also falls in April. 16 days after mine.

We went to the same place for dinner. How boring! Pavilion is really lacked of affordable restaurants. What to do? Oh never mind... What we care is the food and ambiance.

Ordered something different this round. Tried their cheese baked rice. Eww... Taste very weird. I wonder if it's something to do with the cheese. I prefer Kim Gary's.

Had the giant birthday milk tea for free again. Twice in a month. LOL...

Couple in red

Didn't take many photos coz the mood wasn't there. I finished my finals in the morning. Darn tired the whole day. I looked like a big panda lost on the street.

Though I was only left with 10% energy, I still enjoyed myself. I talked lesser than usual though. Kinda quiet throughout the night.

Amount spent on dinner... RM50.05. Nice figure!

No point going to Pavilion if it's not for a movie. We watched Date Night.

The couple in the show is hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing at their dirty jokes. Gosh...

Virgina = Face???
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Third Go

Last round of celebration at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid.

All girls dinner. Phui Mun was not able to make it last minute. Fell sick after having her breakfast. Poor thing. It was the second time she was MIA from my birthday celebration with former hostel mates.

According to original plan, we would be dining at a steak house in Cheras where only Phui Mun knows the way. Since she wasn't be able to join, we changed venue to Fullhouse coz it's nearer to Ivena's house. Another reason... I hadn't been to that restaurant before.

Being a birthday girl is such a bliss. I went to 3 new places for celebrations. Marvelous!

I'm seriously in love with its Wok-Sher Chicken Chop. Oh lord... Taste like heaven. Highly recommended. Rating 8/10.

Posing with our yummy-licious food

Things ain't always perfect. Well, that's undeniable. 3 of us were enjoying our food to the last bit and look what Ivena found in her vege.

Baby cockroach???

OMG... Are you kidding me? Absolutely unethical for a fine restaurant like Fullhouse to be so careless in handling their food. We did lodged a report to one of the waitress. But sadly, no action was taken. Guess that would be our first and very last time going there.

Anyway, it didn't affect our mood for photo shooting. Though this branch may not be as big as the ones in NZX and Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, still the interior is so pretty. Everything in white. I felt I was in a fairyland.

Can my future home have a dining set like this?

Poh Yee found some pillows with "I Love You Today, Tomorrow & Forever" sew on them. So sweet. Specially dedicated to Cheng. Ngek ngek ngek...

As we were walking out from the restaurant, we took some photos with the Fullhouse mascot and yellow Mini Cooper.

My beloved seniors

Fat Mini Cooper model. Sob...

Thanks Ivena for the treat. Looking forward to next year's birthday.

Oh yeah!
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First Time At Naili's

Was kidnapped by my housemates to a restaurant named Naili's Place right after tuition the night after my birthday. Hehe... It's situated in Taman Dato' Senu, Sentul.

I didn't know it's so near to Pakcik Zainal's house. Juz 2 minutes away. We took bout 20 minutes to reach the place from Wangsa Maju as Cheng wasn't sure of the way. I didn't look into Google map as this was supposed to be a surprise supper.

It was our first time going to this restaurant. Very uniquely designed. Everything seems to be made out of wood, from the skeleton of the building to the furniture. The idea is great but the wood attracts a lot of insects especially ants.

There's a variety of food and drinks. We ordered pasta, lasagna, chicken wings and some ice blended drinks. The taste of the food is slightly below average. Drinks are not bad.

We walked around the place, taking photos at every corner. The designer did a really good job. Every corner has a different concept. If only their food can be improved more, it'll be perfect. Another thing would be the quality of their service. Unsatisfied with the staff. I understand the place is big. So they must at least move around to see if any customer need them.

The birthday cake was up next. Bought by my roommate, Poh Yee. I was so touched then. The first cake I ever had for my birthday this year. Thanks so much. Muax...

My housemates. Love you guys!

Cut cut cut...

We ate the cake by scooping it instead of cutting into slices. Hahaha.

Ready to attack

Last stop: Fullhouse...
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Double Two

Sorry to my long abandoned blog. Finally, some free time for updates.

Unofficially completed my 4 years studies in TARC. Amazing huh? I'm impressed on how I managed to survive so well throughout the whole course. Muahahaha. Shouldn't be too happy so early. I hope I'll pass all 3 papers this semester and pass the remaining 2 papers that I'll be resitting in June in order to graduate. Really under pressure!

Getting myself away from studies for a while. Taking a short break as it is. So, okay... In the midst of preparing for the finals, I officially turned 22. Yup, you get me right. It was like yesterday when I was a 21 year old and now, I grow a year older.

Nothing big, nothing special this year. As usual, those who never fail to celebrate my birthday did it again this year. I'll start off with the one I had with bro and his gal.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng in Pavilion

This was my choice for the birthday dinner. Heard this one has a nicer interior compared to the other branches so I decided to give it a try. Looks like a bar or a club from the outside, isn't it?

Our food & drinks

Fantastic interior, delicious food, affordable price and most importantly the companions were my family. What more could I ask for?

The love birds

We realised the restaurant offers free birthday milk tea drink. We asked for it after we finished all our food. Oh my... The size of the glass is huge. We shared among the 3 of us of course. I couldn't finish the whole thing by myself.

Cheeky birthday gal

The corner where we sat is overlooking KLCC and Petronas Twin Tower scenery. So, bro and I took a photo each with the ever famous "Malaysian jagungs". LOL...

KL Nightview

The diners

Went for a movie after the meal. I juz love this one.

Never expect it to be so interesting. The whole cinema was almost full. Imagine that! We watched it on normal screen though. Bet 3D would be much better.

Sis & bro

Thanks for the outing, bro!

Next stop: Naili's Place...
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April 4, 2010

Sashay For Two

Had a pleasure afternoon yesterday. Was on a date with my lil foster brother, Alan in Pavilion. Didn't get to meet him for almost a year. We were busy with our studies and didn't even get to bump into each other at college. Only managed to keep in touch through Friendster, MSN and sms.

I couldn't recognized him the moment I saw him. Maybe I wasn't used to see him wearing a cap and dressed up so sporty. Haha... Well, still looking good as usual. No matter how he changes, he's one of the best foster brothers I ever had.

Lunch at TGIF.

So far I've tried Chilis and Tony Roma's. Food and ambiance are satisfying. TGIF for the 1st time. Sounds familiar eh? Yeah, I said the same thing bout Tony Roma's. I seldom have a chance to dine in such fine American food restaurants. So pardon me ya!

Took me quite some time to look through the menu. Unable to make a choice of order. Alas, still prefer having chicken.

My Sizzling Chicken with Cheese

His Fish & Chips

I don't mean to make a comparison. But Chilis and Tony Roma's are more value for money in terms of portion and their food taste far better than TGIF. Seriously...

Anyway, its quiet environment allowed us to have a good chat. There are many things bout each other that we gotta catch up with since we have not met for a long time. Couldn't stop chatting the minute we met.

We had a piece of chocolate mud cake for free towards the end of our meal. Alan requested for it since his birthday has just passed while mine is approaching. But we declined their offer to sing us a birthday song. Too dramatic.

Chocolate mud cake

Apparently, the cake is the best thing of the entire meal. Most of you know how I hate chocolaty stuff. I mean I love chocolates but not chocolate flavored thingy. But this one kinda melt my heart. Not too sweet, juz nice.

Aries think alike. Both dressed up in red.

After lunch, we went strolling around. Basically we were window shopping from an end to another end, from the top floor to the lower ground floor. Tired of walking for an hour, we dropped by Snowflakes to have a dessert. We had a hard time looking for the stall. I even called Jia Lun for directions since this is one of his favourites.

Famous "Bestsellers"

I personally think it's not bad. Love the herbal jello but not the artificial chewy yam and sweet potato balls.

Okay, last agenda of the day...

Saw its trailer some time ago. Never cross my mind to actually watch it in cinema. Maybe download it or something. But I was convinced by lots of friends who have watched it and gave 2 thumbs up.

I agree with them. This is unlike any other ordinary cartoon show. I thought the story would revolves around the scenes that I saw in the trailer. I was wrong. Never expect the ending to so well done. You must watch it to believe it. By the way, I teared twice during the father-son talks. Very touching!

Gotta sign off. Only 3 hours sleep before going for Ching Ming.

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April 1, 2010

Subang Buddies

Received a surprise call on Tuesday night. The screen of my handphone showed the caller is SHANNY KONG. Oh dear... Wasn't sure with what I saw with my own eyes. Heart was yelling in excitement.

The minute I answered "hello", the male voice from the opposite line said "Laura?". Oppss... It was Jon. Hahaha. So, they planned to have dinner with me yesterday. Really touched. Came all the way from Subang juz for me. Despite I'm still having a flu and a cough, I couldn't possibly turn them down.

Jon offered to be my chauffeur. A very good advantage, needless to drive myself. We went to Cannes Tea House in Genting Klang.

Jon, the good looking gentleman

No photos on food. Basically, our evening was filled with small talks, jokes and card games. Thanks to Shanny for coming up with self created games. We had loads of fun exercising our brain doing maths and memorising names. It was kinda torturing for me as I was in a blur state of mind due to my flu and cough. Still, I enjoy their companions very much.

My dear baby Shanny

Oh yeah... Forgot to introduce this guy over here. He's Bryan. Shanny's honey bear. This is our 1st time meeting each other in person. Kinda awkward. But he's good in socializing, very friendly juz like his gal and soon we managed to mingle as if we have known for long.

Nice meeting you, dude...

Moderate dinner, perfect dates create great moment! Spent only 3 hours together. Seem to be short but I treasure it alot.

The diners

Hope to see you guys again soon...

The next time we meet might be in Subang. My turn to pay you guys a visit.

*fingers crossed*
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Wacky Classmates

As promised, here's the post on 2AFA4 farewell cum gathering. It happened last Saturday. Almost full attendance. Indeed something to be proud of. Oh... Did I mention it was my 1st outing with these people? Really excited the night before.

Fetched Jia Lun along and see what he did in my car while I was driving.

Forcing my Paddington bear to imitate Keren Zui. In case you don't know who I'm talking bout, click here.

Reached Pavilion within half an hour. A lil traffic jam along Jalan Bukit Bintang. Luckily we were not the last to arrive at Tony Roma's. Lunch supposed to start 1pm, but further delayed for 45 minutes.

The menu

Pictures of food and drinks in the menu are so tempting. Too bad I was sick. Had a sorethroat for 2 days. Gotta avoid myself from heaty food and cold drinks. So, not many choices to be chose from. I ordered Mojo Chicken and apple juice.

Various dishes ordered by us. Yummy-licious!

Justina & I posing with our meals

Took hundreds of photos before and after we finished our lunch. Too many to be uploaded here. So please refer to the album in my Facebook. Haha...

2AFA4 class rep & his assistant

Thanks to these 2 bosses in handling every class matter so well for the year. Salute!

Bill for 27 persons total up to RM 1,040.20. OMG...

Worth it anyway. The food portion is horribly large and we spent like 3 hours plus photo shooting in the restaurant. Brought happiness to each and everyone of us.

All the jolly faces

Next round at Sungai Wang Greenbox. By the way, our class has a potential singer wannabe. Wanna know who?

Angie aka Lady Gugu with her "manager"

We sang like nobody's business till our throats were dried and our voices turned course. Got so high when it comes to singing RnB songs. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Leona Lewis, BEP - you name it.

Hidden talents

There was even a Titanic parody when we sang Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On.

"Rose" Jia Lun & "Jack" Yee San. Ngeks...

We called it a day around 9.15pm. Out for almost 9 hours huh? Very tiring at the end.

Coincidentally, it was still Earth Hour when I walked back to Starhill to get my car. Lingered a lil while with those people who were celebrating it in the lobby.

60 minutes lights off
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