November 19, 2009

Drama Queen

Bet there won't be any interesting events to be blogged bout these days. Less than a month before ACCA exam comes alive! Suppose to be working hard on my short notes and mental preparation. But instead, I'm "boiling" dramas at home. LOL...

I did study at night. Mostly after midnight. My usual exam routine. Before I go to bed, I'll browse my Facebook and watch some dramas or videos to relax my mind.

Dramas on air recently are really inspirational. Hence, I'm all again addicted to dramas. The drama queen is back into action! A new drug. A new temptation. Oh shit... Facebook alone is enough to keep me away from books. Now, drama comes into picture.

I'll never be able to escape from THE DEVILS.


Anyway, here's the list of dramas I'm following...

1. Beyond The Realm of Conscience <宮心計>

2. Born Rich <富貴門>

3. Autumn's Concerto <下一站,幸福>

4. Easy Fortune Happy Life <福氣又安康>

5. Black & White <痞子英雄>

Getting so into their OST too, especially those in Autumn's Concerto and Easy Fortune Happy Life. I juz love their lyrics and melody. Bring me that kind of "swaying" feel. Been listening to the songs over and over again.

OMG... Something is so wrong with me!

For god's sake, I'm totally helpless. A freako.

Great dramas make great days, but worst exam results. Isn't a fair trade... (T.T)
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November 16, 2009

When There's No Tomorrow...

2012 is such a hit these few days. There are people talking bout it everytime, everywhere. Been trying to log into GSC website since last Friday. But failed to even make an online purchase. OMFG! Reminded me of Transformers.


Both Poh Yee and I waited till this morning to try our luck. She took a day leave to return her convo attire. So, I drove her to college before we shot off to Midvalley.

Hmm... Don't get us wrong. We are not so crazy over a movie to actually queue for tickets as early as 9.45am. But these people...


It was not time to start business yet. But the queue has already reached the McD entrance. Can you believe it? I took these photos when Poh Yee and I were still enjoying our breakfast at McD.

One word... RIDICULOUS!

Anyway, we managed to get our tickets for 11.45am.

Sign of victory (n_n)v

Still early after my appointment with Dr Suresh. Yeah... I had my retainer adjusted again. Spent the next hour reading at MPH. Not reading alone of course. Haha.


You know me!

Girls day out.

Tick tock tick tock... Time for the most important agenda of the day. The most anticipated movie of the month.

Hall 1 was almost full. Only a few seats in front remained unoccupied. Imagine that! It was 11.45am and the hall was 97% occupied. Mind you... The audience were not only students but working adults. I wonder how they sneaked out from work to be in the cinema with us. Annual leave? Duh...

Never mind. None of our business. Took another photo together before the show rolled.

It started off with a man named Adrian in a taxi on the way to visit a friend in India. A little talking between them before his friend brought him to an underground lab. There's this 6000 feet tunnel filled with boiling water somewhere in the lab. I didn't know what it means. Not till Adrian is being introduced as a geology specialist to the US President. Obviously, Obama is not in the film but his look-alike. LOL... From there, the 2012 mystery is slowly unfolded.

Tears drop on my cheeks from time to time. Hell touching. Put yourself into the shoes of people in the movie and you'll understand. 2012 is not even here yet. Who knows? Sorry for my stupid thought. But what if? What if it's true? What are we gonna do?

Enjoy life while you can, guys... Do everything you wanna do...

Hunt for food right after. Planned to savour Nando's. While on our way, we walked pass this restaurant called The Spaghetti Farm. Newly opened. So, we gave it a try.

Nice environment. Price is still reasonable. Range from RM8-RM13 per plate of spaghetti. Add on RM3.20 for cream soup and soft drink. Chicken ham carbonara for me. Chicken bolognese for Poh Yee. Taste okay. Maybe we were hungry then.

Almost 3.30pm when we finished lunch. Time for home. Traffic jam would be starting soon. Off to our car. But before that, dropped by at Memory Lane. Their cute looking soft toys seduced us in. Ngeks...

2 "big" kids in store...
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November 7, 2009

Party People

First time celebrating Desmond's birthday since he transferred to GAP KLCC sometime in June 2008. Knew him for bout one and a half years. But we are like long time buddies. Who would resist his friendliness and humorous personality?

OK, enough with the compliments. Back to the main subject.

Function: Desmond's pre 24th birthday party
Date: 4 November 2009
Time: 11pm - 4am
Venue: Neway Karaoke, Times Square

My outfit for the night. Black was the theme.

Picked up Bro Kit as usual, followed by Ying, the birthday boy and Pui Yee. Reached Times Square around 9pm. Alex and Chun Kit were already there before us. While waiting for those in the noon shift to finish work, we had a few rounds of bowling and basketball games at the arcade.

GAP "kids" on the run...

Head count before we went into our room. 1...2...3...4...5.......15? Was assigned to room No.2. To my horror, it was the room that we been into during Ying's birthday. OMG... What a coincidence!

Started off with some familiar songs. Desmond took position as the lead singer. The night solely belonged to him. We let him do whatever he wants.

Here are the different categories of photos taken for the night. Featuring...




Birthday cake was delivered at 2am. Birthday song was played. Birthday boy made a wish and blew off the candles.

HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY, Desmond!

May you live life with great joy and good health.

Birthday routine done. Time for trick or treat. Woohoo... How the game went bout?

All of us were given a poker card each when we entered the room. The birthday boy named 2 poker cards of his choice, then picked 2 mystery boxes prepared by Bro Kit. The ones holding the respective cards would opened the boxes to find out their tasks.

Suspense arising...

Khairul & Bro Kit were the organisers with Celyn and Zue, the card holders. Celyn had to drink 2 cans of Tiger beer that she unwrapped from her box. Still OK. But Zue? Oh my... Had to drink beer from a baby potty. Gosh!

As the night moved on, more people were drunk and more crazy stuff could be seen.

Desmond's secret affair with Alex and Khairul.

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November 6, 2009


Arrghh... Long hours of revision classes stopped me from blogging for a few days. Sorry for the late updates. Kinda busy, errr... I supposed VERY BUSY should be more appropriate to be used. Will get things done fast here.

Movie lure came possessing me again. Thanks to my lil bro for asking me to a movie with him and his girl of course. LOL... He wished to watch Phobia 2. But too bad, it was not up for screening yet on Tuesday. But good for me!

*smile with satisfaction*

Jennifer's Body as a substitute. He could keep Phobia 2 for his later date with Sze Yi. Oh ya... That's her in the photo below.

Me being a lamp-post??? Maybe... ^^

Enjoyed watching Megan Fox in action though. As usual, she remains sizzling hot, looking at her best for her role as Jennifer. The only difference is she shows her fangs whenever she goes hungry. You know what happened next? Prepare to lick your lips as you see her ripping off those poor guys' tummy and drank their "delicious" blood to sustain her beau. Eww...

A total different version of Megan Fox. But still, guys out there adore her to the max.

Right right?

Let's continue the excitement with the second movie, The Time Traveller's Wife. A romantic story bout a couple whom the husband is a time traveller. Disappeared to the past or future beyond self control. Now you see him, now you don't. Sounds cool but only God knows how the wife suffered from loneliness and insecurity whenever she found her husband is gone without being informed of where he went to.

So, the moral of the story:

"DON'T simply leave your wife all by herself"

Coming up next... Desmond's birthday blast!
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