November 16, 2009

When There's No Tomorrow...

2012 is such a hit these few days. There are people talking bout it everytime, everywhere. Been trying to log into GSC website since last Friday. But failed to even make an online purchase. OMFG! Reminded me of Transformers.


Both Poh Yee and I waited till this morning to try our luck. She took a day leave to return her convo attire. So, I drove her to college before we shot off to Midvalley.

Hmm... Don't get us wrong. We are not so crazy over a movie to actually queue for tickets as early as 9.45am. But these people...


It was not time to start business yet. But the queue has already reached the McD entrance. Can you believe it? I took these photos when Poh Yee and I were still enjoying our breakfast at McD.

One word... RIDICULOUS!

Anyway, we managed to get our tickets for 11.45am.

Sign of victory (n_n)v

Still early after my appointment with Dr Suresh. Yeah... I had my retainer adjusted again. Spent the next hour reading at MPH. Not reading alone of course. Haha.


You know me!

Girls day out.

Tick tock tick tock... Time for the most important agenda of the day. The most anticipated movie of the month.

Hall 1 was almost full. Only a few seats in front remained unoccupied. Imagine that! It was 11.45am and the hall was 97% occupied. Mind you... The audience were not only students but working adults. I wonder how they sneaked out from work to be in the cinema with us. Annual leave? Duh...

Never mind. None of our business. Took another photo together before the show rolled.

It started off with a man named Adrian in a taxi on the way to visit a friend in India. A little talking between them before his friend brought him to an underground lab. There's this 6000 feet tunnel filled with boiling water somewhere in the lab. I didn't know what it means. Not till Adrian is being introduced as a geology specialist to the US President. Obviously, Obama is not in the film but his look-alike. LOL... From there, the 2012 mystery is slowly unfolded.

Tears drop on my cheeks from time to time. Hell touching. Put yourself into the shoes of people in the movie and you'll understand. 2012 is not even here yet. Who knows? Sorry for my stupid thought. But what if? What if it's true? What are we gonna do?

Enjoy life while you can, guys... Do everything you wanna do...

Hunt for food right after. Planned to savour Nando's. While on our way, we walked pass this restaurant called The Spaghetti Farm. Newly opened. So, we gave it a try.

Nice environment. Price is still reasonable. Range from RM8-RM13 per plate of spaghetti. Add on RM3.20 for cream soup and soft drink. Chicken ham carbonara for me. Chicken bolognese for Poh Yee. Taste okay. Maybe we were hungry then.

Almost 3.30pm when we finished lunch. Time for home. Traffic jam would be starting soon. Off to our car. But before that, dropped by at Memory Lane. Their cute looking soft toys seduced us in. Ngeks...

2 "big" kids in store...


Jonathan on November 21, 2009 at 3:39 PM said...

I wanna watch 2012 T_T~~~

Laura 梁媚霜 on November 21, 2009 at 11:03 PM said...

Jon, I know u r one of those unlucky ones who has yet to buy a ticket due to the long queue. I went to MV today to meet up my parents. The crowd was still overwhelming. I wonder when's this gonna end.

Jonathan on November 22, 2009 at 4:02 AM said...

actually i have never made an attempt yet to get a ticket... lol

Doomsday thought cross my mind from time to time, I wonder if i would be freaked out by this film as well. XD

Laura 梁媚霜 on November 23, 2009 at 10:45 PM said...

Don't think too much. Whatever will b, will b...

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