October 28, 2009

Exploring Big 4

Some of you must be wondering what the heck Big 4 is. As for accounting students, I don't think further explanation is needed. Straight away these few famous accounting firms would come popping into mind...

Ernst & Young

Yeah, we juz visited one of the Big 4 on Monday. Located next to Sri Pentas and 1U.

GIRLS... Aren't you excited? *wink*

A bit of an intro here. The building has 2 towers. One belongs to IBM and the other belongs to KPMG. There are many other tenants around. KPMG only occupies 6 floors. Their exterior and interior are simply amazing. Professional yet stylish.

The photos alone are very captivating. What bout seeing it with your own eyes?

Upon arrival, we were being welcomed by their HR staff. The first agenda of the tour was a seminar by Ms Peggy from the tax department. Have you get the idea where we were supposed to be heading to? The meeting room.

So, up we went to the 10th floor. Woo...

Saw the portrait of 9 ladies and gentlemen? They are our successors, the current FAS committee. Looking suave in their formal attire. Oh... By the way, this office visit was their first activity. I would say it ran smoothly under Ms Geh's guidance. Kudos juniors!

Some refreshments were provided at the end of the day. Tasty pastries and hot coffee. I personally love the custard puffs the most. Yum yum...

A quick shot of everyone before we left. Nice one!
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October 25, 2009

Meatballs Harass

Shopping is the best medicine for GIRLS...

Went into every boutique in Damansara Uptown yesterday morning. Apparently, these 3 girls enjoyed it the most, featuring Poh Yee, Ivena and Phui Mun. I was sort of like tagging along actually.

Clothing is not my best interest for the moment. There are a few tops in my closet that I have yet to get a chance to wear them. Well, I did try on a few skirts and shorts but none suit. Size matters. Blame my bulky thighs. Grrr...

Left for 1U around 2.30pm. Here was where we had our second activity. The one I looked forward to. MOVIE TIME!

Nearly late for the show. Collected our tickets, bought some snacks and took our seats. What we were bout to watch?


At first, we thought it's a kiddo show. But later WOW... Beyond our expectation. Lots of laughter, lots of moral values, lots of science fictions. Fantastic!

Ratings: 8 out of 10

Here's a lesson I picked up from this movie. Things that come easy are not necessarily good. Kinda reminds me of my exam results. Must work really hard to get paid huh? Yeah right. Whatever! I'm so not in the mood for this issue.

Back to our outing. It's been a while since the 4 of us took photos together.

Take 1 in the toilet (without Phui Mun). Too bad. She was waiting for us outside.

Take 2 in the cinema after the show ended. Using my 3.2mp phone camera. Blur.

Had high tea at Sushi Zanmai right after.

SUSHI... Yummy...

Slightly better than Sushi King. But the bill gave us a great shock.

RM46. What???

We had only bout 7 dishes and 4 glasses of refillable hot green tea.

Higher quality, higher price!

Luckily Phui Mun was the one driving. I looked like a dead fish on the way back.

Do you realise this is the shortest post I ever posted on my blog? Sorry. I'm really exhausted and upset these few days. Have no mood for blogging. But I can't bear to see my blog being abandoned for too long. I'm a responsible blog master. Ngeks...

P/S: Thanks so much to my lovely friends who expressed their continuous concerns over my emotional condition lately. I promise I'll get back on my feet and move forward real soon. Glad to have you guys around. My guardian angels!

*Flying kisses*
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October 18, 2009

Siblings Day Out

The title says it all. YES... It was some quality sis-bro time together yesterday. But before that, we had to meet up with mum and dad for lunch. I seriously couldn't remember when was the last time I went out with my bro. Been ages I think! He has no time for me ever since he devoted most of his time to his girlfriend and his job.

He offered to be my driver for the day. Woohoo... This kinda opportunity doesn't come frequent, you know? I was forced to drive most of the time but this time he gave in.

While bro was speeding his way, I sat next to him camwhoring. LOL...

Cool. Charm. Crazy.

This is the first time bro featured in my blog, isn't it?

Meet my bro, Mr James "Bond".

The traffic was smooth, so we reached Pudu in just half an hour. Mum and dad also reached bout the same time. Had our lunch at Fatt Kee Restaurant located opposite Pudu Plaza. It's a famous roadside stall specialised in roasted meat especially DUCK. One of the tastiest duck meat in town. Never try, never know!

(Clockwise from top left: BBQ pork, spicy sour vege, roasted duck, dried prawn beancurd)

After lunch, bro and I departed to Pavilion while mum and dad had their own sweet time together. Many people were already queueuing for tickets at the cinema as early as 3.30pm. Luckily the GSC staff were kinda efficient. It was our turn shortly.

"Tickets for 2 adults. Pandorum at 4.40pm please?"

Bout an hour before we could enter the cinema. So, we killed time by taking a few more photos and a stroll around Pavilion.

Sis and bro model wannabe... Ngek ngek ngek...

Dropped by GAP Kids and GAP Adults to look for Alex, Khairul and Chun Kit. But they didn't entertain me much as they were busy serving customers. We also lingered at Sony Ericsson. Spotted a new model, C903. Price RM1,299. Nice to see, nice to touch, but no money to buy. How sad!

Last stop at Starbucks. Caramel Frappucino for me and Caramel Machiatto for bro. Ehem... Successfully sneaked in our "illegal" drinks under bro's jacket.


Pandorum is apparently a sci-fi movie. But somehow, those slimy alien creatures gave us goosebumps. How they appeared out of nowhere and how they chewed down those human's internal organs... Yucks! However, the overall story is still a puzzle to me. There are parts that I don't really understand. Wish someone could explain to me =P

Oh ya... I almost forgot to mention bout the man we saw in the cinema. Should be in mid fifties. Sat a row behind us. Incredibly annoying. Wanna know what he did?

He laughed throughout the show...
God dammit!!!

I wondered what was so funny bout the movie that could possibly made him laugh so much. I'm fine with it if we were watching comedy. But sci fi? Bro said he must be insane. Well, that could be the only reason as to why he was laughing and talking to himself. Everyone sitting nearby was so pissed off and stared at him. But he still "syok sendiri". Luckily my bro stopped me from lodging a complaint. Else, he might end up being thrown out half way during the show or blacklisted by GSC.

Wallet dried out at the end of the day. Spent RM80 on movie tickets, Starbucks and parking fee. All on me! Sob...

Had to dine at BRJ. Mee goreng, nasi lemak ayam and 2 teh o' ais limau. Bro paid!
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October 12, 2009

Monday Blues Not

12th October 2009. Monday.

This is how my day gets a head start...

8am BA lecture at DK ABB. Woke up looking like a zombie. Drove to college with an empty-stomach. Reached there only to find out less than 50% of my coursemates turned up. Duh! Surprisingly, Mr Yeoh's 2 hours internal exam feedback session this morning didn't bore me at all.

Look... I have a good news and a bad news. Which one should I enlighten first?

The good news...
I learnt a lot from his feedback session. He never clearly emphasize on exam techniques before this. He briefed us bout it today. Now I have an idea where I gone wrong.


The bad news...
I realised my answers could be major wrong. Meaning my BA may be as ill-fated as CR? Oh no... Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping both Mr Yeoh and Dr Amy marked my paper with mercy. God bless!

No use crying over spilt milk. In order to reduce the risk for external exam, I signed up for BA revision in Kasturi. Man... November is gonna be a hectic month. Run between Kasturi and McOrange. The fees alone sum up to RM1500. Slightly, more expensive than a sem in TARC. Gotta make sure the return is worth the spending. Else, mum and dad will be so disappointed.

Said has always seem to be easier than done. I'm still being a big fat worm lazing around, avoiding the books whenever I could. LOL...

My bank account showed a balance lesser by RM280 after the registration. Things worsen when I made my way to Times Square while driving back to Wangsa. Was too temptated to watch Surrogates. Managed to catch the 4pm show just on time.


This movie kinda blew me off. The visual effects are so real yet so fake. May be impossible these days. But who knows years later? Couldn't imagine myself living in a world of machines though. Creepy! Imagine yourself staying indoors at all times, afraid of injuries and aging or death. Dependent on robotic surrogates to do every task. What life is that?

"Say NO to surrogates. Live humans!"

Errr... Shouldn't have revealed too much. Bet those who have yet to watch the movie are cursing me for spoiling their anticipation. Guys, head to your nearest cinema soon.

Had a light dinner before going home. Been starving throughout the movie.

Old Town butter kaya toast & milk tea

Yummy... Anything would taste like heaven when you are hungry. Oh yes!
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October 11, 2009


Longest BA lecture I had ever attended yesterday. 8 hours including an hour of lunch break. Hmm... Not 8 hours exactly. There were some slacking in between due to technical problems. Long story. To keep it short, I'll just sum up everything.

Basically, problems arose thanks to TARC's poor maintenance and lacked of agility even after so many rounds of complaints. The same old lame excuse would be heard all the time.

TARC is a semi-government institution. No extra funds to improve things in one shot. Don't expect too much.

Hey, it reminds me of Balogun and Hope Hailey's model. The heading sounds:

TARC takes on incremental change instead of a Big Bang. Evolution vs Revolution?

Opps... I bet problems will remain unsolved if words are not turn into action (adopted from Dr Amy =P).

So this morning, Dr Amy and another lecturer had a slight argument because of some equipment in-functionality. As a result, those innocent students as I mean us moved from one venue to another and another. Wasted quite some time and of course, irritated some of us too.

Well, that's TARC. Quality & Affordable Education!

Things finally settled down by 11am. Problems free. One hour later we had our lunch break and when we were back, surprise awaited Dr Amy. It was her birthday and we bought a cake. In substance, it was me who bought the cake. Legally, it was a share by all of us using the course fund. It's mango flavored from Baker's Cottage.

Doesn't it look appetizing? Unfortunately, we didn't get to melt it in our mouth. Couldn't take too much time. Just a quick birthday song and a "short" speech by Dr Amy. Was kinda touched when she claimed to be appreciating everything that we did for her. The whole lecture hall turned silent when she spoke and it was really overwhelming.

Thanks for sacrificing your big day to look after these bunch of "monkeys". LOL...

We dismissed around 4pm. Brought my baby Kembara to service in Sri Rampai and then, shopped for some goodies at Carrefour. Thought of getting a nap when I reached home. But I ended up having dinner at Hometown Steamboat with Poh Yee and Cheng.

Overall, the food was so far so good. The ingredients were fresh and succulent. I love their soups best, both tomyam and broth. They do serve in porridge as well.

We ordered only a 2 persons portion plus a jug of sea coconut drink. Unbelievably, we left with a full tummy. Was it the food or our small appetite that matters? Haha. I seriously have no idea. Try it yourself. Highly recommended for steamboat lovers as an alternative to Restoran Talipon though Hometown may be a little more costly.

Poh Yee paid for the bill. RM42 in total. Her first treat since started working. Thanks for the meal, my roommate! Simply delicious...

P/S: Did anyone realise my hair colour is no longer copper brown?
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October 9, 2009

Grill A Lot

MIA from Blogger for almost a week. Nothing interesting to be blogged bout, other than my long hours of revision classes. Yup, you are right! I'm back to college. Holidays no more.

Getting back to college this time is not so pleasant. Well, it's time to face the reality. Even on the first day itself, lecturers discussed bout our recent internal exam. Feedback session we call it. As expected, their model answers are so different from what I wrote on my answer scripts. The conclusion...


Hooray! Congratulate me for being too nervous in the exam hall. End up writing whole lot of shit. OK, I know I know... I hereby declare my exam is dead. Memorial session on 19 October 2009. Gotta get at least RM80 ready for resits.

Let's stop the exam issue and start with something delighted. Another GAP gathering on Wednesday. I mean 2 days ago. It was a large pre-birthday BBQ party held jointly by GAP KLCC and GAP Pavilion. Our operating manager, Penny also turned up as one of the guest.

Venue: Alex's front yard in Chow Kit
Time: 11pm - 3am
No of attendance: 20 persons

Forgive me. I totally forgot to take photos of the food that we had. Was busy fooling around with my colleagues and newly known GAP Pavilion staff. Never mind. Let me name those I remember. Marinated chicken wings, sausages, fish balls, fried popiah, fried dumplings, fried meehoon, fried rice, watermelons and fizzy drinks. Credits roll to Alex's mum for preparing the ingredients, not forgetting Desmond, Shue Fen and San for doing the shopping.

Done with the food, time for the cake. Common ritual... All of us sang a birthday song, the birthday stars made their wishes, blew out the candles and cut the cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely brother Kit, the ever sexy goddess Zue, the charming little Red and GAP Pavilion supervisor, Yen.

I assured you the fun has yet to begin. Didn't end with eating the cake alone. They had a cream war on the streets! Naughty minds came up with evil plans. Some took revenge and some just wanted to have fun. I was only a witness as usual. Please never drag me along. I hate cream as my make up. Haha...

Zue was the first one being attacked by cream. She left around 1am. So, Khairul and Desmond waited for her at the front gate with plates of cream in their hands. She had cream all over her precious face and hair. That should be an awful nightmare for her. All her make up was ruined and she was bout to go for her second date at Uncle Chili's Club in PJ Hilton. Luckily, the guys didn't go overboard. At least, her clothes remained clean.

Second victim was Kit. I wasn't around when Penny and Shue Fen threw the cream at him. Unbelievable... Never knew Penny could be so playful. I thought she's an iron lady. The funniest thing was that she left immediately when Kit found out she was one of the pranksters. Afraid Kit would take revenge with the leftover cream on his cheek. LOL...

These guys are really good in getting the ball rolling. Coming up next was the friendly match in hand wrestling between the Malaysians and Filipinos. Kit was over excited that night. He kept challenging the others to try winning over him. I caught him and Mel in action.

Look at their reactions. Mel looked so relaxed that he even had a few sips of beer while Kit was struggling, using all his might to defeat him. Khairul's head is noticeable in the last photo, smiling for the camera.

The winner of the night...

*drum rolls*


Malaysians lost 1-3. Better luck next time!

Half of them left by 2am. The ones who stayed sat at the roadside and continue chatting complemented with beers. There was once Alex accidentally dropped a can of beer on the ground. Kit ran after me with the squirt out beer in the can. Dang... How could he?

It was the first time I had BBQ party with GAP-ians and I truly enjoyed it to the max. I get to savor nice food without the need to do the grilling myself. I had Khairul, Alex and Desmond as my personal servants. Haha. I also get to know new friends from the other GAP store. All these while, we only manage to communicate through the phone when we helped customers to make inquiry regarding stock availability.

Last but not least, this is the gift I prepared for Kit. A self-designed mug. To avoid plagiarism, I would say it's half designed by me and the other half by a designer from Print Work located on the 5th floor of Times Square. But the wrapping is 100% done by me. Ngeks...

I hope he likes it.
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October 4, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival

Mooncakes... Mooncakes... MOONCAKES... Everywhere!

Mouth waters whenever I remind myself of the mooncakes I usually buy every year. My choices would mainly be dragon fruit, ham and nuts and not to be missed the double yolk lotus. Oh gosh. The mooncake sensation is hitting me again.

Couldn't manage to take photos of the REAL mooncakes. So, I search for them in Google. Here goes...

Snow skinned, traditionally baked, piglet-in-the-basket? You name it.

First comes first. I noticed the number of stalls selling them are practically lesser this year. Take Carrefour and Jusco for examples. I remember there used to be a long row of stalls along the corridor. Prominent manufacturers like Tai Thong, 6 Happiness, Kam Lum Tai, Oversea and Baker's Cottage would definitely stationed themselves there. But this year, I saw only 2 of them. Am I being too sensitive or what?

Some random photos I took in Midvalley

Does the economic downturn has anything to do with this? Such a big impact? I ponder... One thing certain. Family reunion dinner, preferably savoring mooncakes and playing lanterns that after while admiring the full moon would still remain as an annual sacrament. Lanterns may not be in favor for us at this age anymore. Afraid of being called childish, but I simply miss those good old days so much. ABSOLUTELY.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself when you were younger. The simple mindset you had. Running around with your colorful lantern for hours. Meaning of tired unknown. Probably good enough to make you laugh all day. Hmm... Did you just smile while those memories flashing by your head? Isn't that something each of us wish for nowadays?

By the way, there's this Pesta Tanglung Satu Malaysia right here in Desa Setapak tonight. Seems to be a huge event. There were roadblocks at every junction near my condo as the stage was set up in the middle of the road. What bout that? Heard some Datuks dropped by for the opening ceremony. Fireworks could be heard every hour. They must have incurred a lot of money on this. Was too lazy to go down to check out the crowd. I bet the aunties and uncles in my neighborhood should be enjoying themselves watching lion dance or some chinese choir.

Last before I sign off, would like to share a video with you guys. Click on the link:
Going Home (A short film on Dementia)

A must watch. Seriously poignant documentary. Some of you might have an idea when I posted it on Facebook 2 days ago.



Revision starts tomorrow. I HATE this part right here...
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October 3, 2009

Yes Ma'am

The short break is coming to its end. Can I ASK FOR MORE please?

Peeps, timetable for the coming revision classes is uploaded in the college intranet. Check it out. I stunned when I looked at the schedule. Florida's song came to play.

"You spin my head right round, right round..."

NO JOKE. I can't believe this. I'll be having classes for at least 3 hours on weekdays and a 9 hours class on a Saturday. WHAT? Is this what they call revisions? I was hoping they made a mistake putting up the wrong timing. Tell me they did. Tell me they did. OMG!

Shit happens. Yeah, I know. Hallelujah. Accept the fact. I can't stop the lecturers from doing their part, but no one can stop me from skipping classes eh?

*evil grins*

Besides the timetable, my house gave me a headache too. I understand everyone was busy, either with their jobs or exams lately. No one seem to care bout the house condition. Rather spent time with their computers or books. Fine. I endured the stained basin, the smudged toilet bowl and what's more, the dusty floor. But my endurance has a limit.

It's not the first time I'm the one who end up getting my hands on house cleaning operations. Luckily there's Lik Keong, our handy "houseman". Living room, kitchen, balcony and not to forget his own room and bathroom are his responsibilities. Leaving only the other bathroom and my own room to my charge.

Shouldn't be complaining too much. But then, I'm not the only one using the other bathroom and basin. Yet, I'm the only one doing the most work. Duh...

Worked myself like a maid just a few hours ago. Swept and mopped the floor, scrubbed the basin and toilet bowl. I imagined myself as Snow White while doing the chores. Unfortunately, I have no little animals helping me with the cleaning. Spent almost 2 hours getting everything done alone.

The extreme make over results:

Splendid! My room, the basin and the bathroom sparkling white. My hard work paid off. Should give myself a round of applause.

*Clap clap clap*

Let's see how long the sparks can last. A week? 2 weeks?

I doubt...
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