July 3, 2010

Catching Up

Hangout with my ever close gang - Luke, Kok Loong and Shi Min last Friday. 3 persons weren't able to join us. Jia Lun and Wey Shin are still in the UK undergoing their 3 months top up degree program. Joo Sim is currently working in Penang.

To begin with, we had lunch in Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens before moving to Midvalley for our movie session. Oh yeah, I wonder how many of you know bout this... Kok Loong and Shi Min are now an item!

*hoo haa hoo haa*

Congrats to both of them. I was super shocked the night before when I saw their relationship status in Facebook. I thought it's a prank. OMG... How come I didn't know this earlier? Big bang discovery. These people are good at keeping secret eh? Since there were only 4 of us, Luke and I on the other side took a photo of ourselves too.

Okay, I know what you guys wanna comment bout. I received lots of questions whether we are a newly made couple as well. The answer is a big NO. We juz so happened to wear the same colour tops. Why? Coincidence is a crime? LOL...

Enough with clarifications. Let's move on to food.

Luke's Unadon

My Nuki Saba

The couple's sushi

It was a pleasant lunch though I didn't really fancy the food I ordered. Gotta appreciate every minute we spent together as we won't be able to hangout so frequently after this.

A group photo at the end of lunch

This world is big yet so small. Yes... We ran into Sean at the same restaurant. Now you see how many coincidences we had in a day!

All in white

Seriously, I found myself feeling terribly awkward the whole time. We no longer walk together in a bunch as before. Luke and I walked ahead, leaving the couple behind having their own sweet time. Hmm...

Movie of the day was Knight and Day. Luke's choice. Great movie. Lots of action, humour and you also get the chance to enjoy seeing the good looking Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz for 2 hours.

But the 1st thing we did when we reached GSC was posing with the Toy Story 3 poster.

Puzzled Woody lost his right arm

The culprits!

Kok Loong and Shi Min left earlier as they had another plan later in the evening. So, Luke and I went for dinner at Carl's Jr while waiting for our next show.

Save the best for last. Toy Story 3, everyone's favourite childhood animation is superb. Most touching compared to the 2 previous ones. I left the cinema with teary eyes. A must watch movie for June.

Lining up next for July:
Back Up Plan
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
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Exam Silly

I've been bugged by exam for nearly 2 months. Those days were so hard to live through. No fun at all! Went through the same routine everyday. Besides 2 meals a day, toilet business, 3 episodes of drama and 6 hours sleep, I spent most of my time munching on books and notes and whatsoever study materials. So dull right?

Well, this 4 lettered word brought the most chaos. The tremendous tense and heart-weakening moments. I took the remaining 3 papers - P3, P6 and P7 last month. So wish to pass all and I'll never see those papers ever again. But I doubt it. No wonder students always say June sitting is a killer.

It's hard to describe how saddening I was after the 1st paper. OMG... Totally unpredictable questions. Start sweating once I flipped open and read the 1st question. Hands trembled non-stop like nobody's business. Oh boy! I never experience such a thing during last December sitting.

As usual, I'm putting in my least expectation to avoid huge disappointment at the end of August. That's when ACCA results will be released and we'll all see how good or bad we fare. Either we cheer or we cry out loud!

Internal resits had juz over last week. Absorbing what I've read for P1 and P3 is not easy. Brain went rusty after half a year of rest on those subjects. Burnt the midnight oil for 2 weeks at McDonald's to memorise business models and all sorts of theories.


Fortunately, I'm still alive. Still afford to laugh. Still afford to smile. Wahahahaha...

Not gonna think too much for the meantime. Better look forward to my new job. Time to move into the next stage of life.
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Past Time

Where did I stop in my last post? Hmm... I couldn't recall. Never mind. I'll start off introducing the dramas that I have watched so far. A mix of Taiwan, Korean and Hong Kong. Sorry for annoying you guys with my drama post.

Summer's Desire

Calling For Love

Scent of Love

Mysteries of Love

Ghost Writer

A Man Called God

King of Bakery, Kim Tak Goo

Life without dramas is boring. Thanks to those producers for making my life colourful.
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