June 2, 2010

K-Drama Fever

Question: What I did in the past few weeks of study leave?

Answer: Non-stop Korean dramas online streaming... XD

Boys Over Flowers

You're Beautiful

The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry

Oh! My Lady

Prosecutor Princess

Personal Taste

Cinderella's Sister

I give Korean romance dramas 2 thumbs up + 2 toes up!

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Bro In His 20s

Celebrated bro's 20th birthday 2 weeks ago. Dinner in TGIF. At last, we broke the birthday in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng chain. LOL...

It was an unplanned celebration though. Since we were around the Pavilion area, we might as well kill 2 birds with one stone. Without nice clothing and makeup, we walked into TGIF with t-shirts, shorts and slippers. Only bro was in his formal wear as he juz finished work.

Ordered 2 different set meals that comes with an appetizer and main course each.

4 persons portion

(Clockwise from top left): Clam chowder, Shanghai chicken salad, Boneless wings, South adobo chicken

The food was awesome. I'm in love with the salad. Unique taste.

The happy couple

Sleepy & pale looking sis

Bro had his free piece of chocolate mousse cake too. Looked fairly nicer than mine with a strawberry on it but the texture was horribly dry. Eww...

Birthday boy

Not-so-fresh cake

3 big pandas. Haha...

End our night with a horror movie. Bloody intense. The way he kills is so cruel. I was extremely frightened by its ending. Damn.

Had nightmares for the 2 following nights. Freddy Krueger, the bastard!
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Gaga-fied in Genting

It's been more or less a month since my last post. I'm really slacking in updating my blog eh? Well, nothing much happened lately and I have no enthusiasm to write up something. Juz received the photos taken in Genting from Shanny bout 2 weeks ago. We went for a day trip after my internal exam back in April.

Had lunch at Four Season's Restaurant in Wangsa Maju before driving up to Genting.

The food is only so-so...

Reached Genting almost in the mid-afternoon. Weather was superb, slightly cloudy. Camera was taken out from the bag and we began with what we are good at most.


You get!!!

Basically, our trip was all bout photo shooting and gathering at Starbucks. You know right? Most students' hobby during past times. Hahahaha...

Yeah... We love it!

Guess we are a lil too "old" to play at the theme park, so hanging around wouldn't do any harm. Of course we didn't juz sit and watched people play. We planned our own game.

Sounds so wrong? O.O

Found this cute caterpillar at the theme park exit. Long enough to measure the height of a kid. I purposely leaned against it to show that I'm obviously TALLER!

We walked from one hotel to another. Went into Highland Hotel casino. Not as impressive as I thought. Will visit One World Hotel casino next time. Heard it's way better.

Genting trip is never complete without jumping actions. A-must-to-follow trend.

Jump so high that we could touch the sky

Starbucks drinks at the end of a tiring day was the best treat ever. Java Chip, Mocha Latte, Chocolate Chip... You name it!

Picture of the day goes to...

*tadaa tadaaaaa*

Totally Gaga-fied

There are more photos. Hundreds of them. Outrageous ones!

But only for "private view". Ngek ngek...
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