February 19, 2010

Panic Stricken

Online at places with wifi. AGAIN...

Yesterday at Sri Rampai Old Town. Today at Jusco McDonalds.

*grumble to the max*

When is my god-damn Streamyx gonna be repaired? It's the fourth day already. I'm so lifeless without Internet at home. I wanna start doing my assignments. I wanna watch dramas on Youtube. I wanna Facebook. I have lots and lots of things to do!

Gotta type as fast as I could. Lappy battery is going off soon. No socket in McD. Duh... Why things seem not to be going well?

*shake head*

Watched 2 movies lately.

Watched this one myself in Times Square sometime before CNY. Went shopping for bags, passed by the cinema, stood in front of the poster, thought for a min... Alright. Let's go!

Nice one. Fairytale story. Well, the title of the movie tells it all. I kinda laughed my ass off from the beginning and cried my heart out towards the end. The dialogues were funny and touching. The Rock is good at making faces too. Overall, I love it.

Watched this one with bro 2 days ago. We actually planned to watch it with our parents last Sunday to celebrate both CNY and Valentine's Day. It's been a while since the 4 of us go for a movie together. Unfortunately, the mishap ruined our plan and everything has to be cancelled.

Valentine's Day is bout the love life of a few couples. Look at the list of cast. WOW... Wonderful actors and actresses. We were really impressed when we saw the trailer. Expecting it to be an excellent show. It's not too disappointing though. Only the plot isn't that well-planned. 130 mins are hardly enough to move from a story to another. But the ending is not bad. Acceptable.

Noticed I didn't take much photos this CNY, unlike last year. Lacked of CNY mood. Family affairs and ill for twice in 2 weeks took my mood away. But then, the poster outside the Midvalley Watson is really cute. So, we took one there before we left.

Bro with his undone hair

Me with a pale face

Had a piece of Mango Delight at Secret Recipe too. So random huh? Dessert is the best medicine when you are having a bad mood. True enough...

Mmm mmmm... ^^

By the way, 3 more days to go before the release of ACCA results. Gosh... I'm getting panic, you know? Though I'm ready to face the worst outcome, basically all FAILED!


Still, I wish I could juz get through at least one subject. My main target is to clear off my fundamental paper. I mean Financial Management.

Oh please...

Couldn't do much now. Wait for the results with patience. Hopefully, Streamyx comes back to life by then. I wanna check my results at home. I don't wanna get a heart attack somewhere in the public.

That's so embarassing!
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February 18, 2010


When everybody was happily looking forward to celebrate CNY, my family on the other hand was left in sorrow. I remember how shocking I was the minute I received the call from mum last Tuesday night. Rushed back to hometown the next day to settle grandpa's funeral. This is the first time I faced such a situation. Go through the pain due to the sudden passing of my close family member.

May grandpa rest in peace at his "new home"...

Feeling really weird not being able to celebrate CNY as normal for the very first time in my life. Was prohibited from sending wishes, getting ang pows, going for house visits and wearing red attire during the 15 days period. But we are allowed to have small family gatherings.

So, we had a belated reunion lunch at Ocean Village Restaurant in Nilai on the second day of CNY.

CNY 2010

Prefer last year's family portrait when grandpa was still around. Happy Family!

CNY 2009

I spent my third day of CNY with my secondary school friends at Pizza Hut. It's been three years since I last met them. Used to work part time during CNY to earn a triple pay. But this year is exceptional.


*wink wink*

(Guys from left): Tian Seng, Tzu Ming, Chee Leong & Kok Yew
(Girls from left): Me, Ai Li, Siew Mei & Sook Hui

Really miss each and every one of them. My beloved hometown gang. Most of us look so different nowadays. Possibly due to our hairstyle and dressing up. Thought of uploading some old photos here to compare us before and after. But the old photos are in hardcopies and I don't have a scanner. Too bad... Some other time then.
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February 6, 2010

Red Red Everywhere

3 days off last week. The weekends and Federal Day. Weee...

Despite AAA progressive test on Thursday, I still insisted to go for a movie with bro. Not asking for too much. I hadn't been to the cinema since Avatar. Main reason... I was able to persuade my tired-looking bro to accompany me. Haha.

*vroom vroom vroom*

Sped to Pavilion on Monday night. So delighted to see all those CNY decorations were put up. Horray! Quickly collected our tickets for The Spy Next Door and spent the next half an hour taking photos around the mall.

I'll let the photos do the talking...

My grinning face

Bro's matching red polo

Not to be missed "couple"... ROFL!

Movie at 10.30pm and I couldn't wait. I didn't watch the trailer. I didn't read any movie critics. But I juz could sense the humour in the show.

It didn't fail me. Like I said, I was laughing profusely throughout the show. Damn hilarious. Maybe it's not that hilarious. To me, yes... Jackie Chan seems to aged a lot. Noticed all the wrinkles on his face. Still, he did a great job with his role. Couldn't expect more from an amateur like him. Way to go, Jackie!

Did I mention bout my 2 weeks holiday? The first half of the semester ended. So, we are given a middle semester break or whatever it is called. But do you think our lecturers will let us go that easily? Of course NOT! 2 assignments awaiting to be done. Wouldn't be able to enjoy CNY so freely this year. Miserable eh?

That's not the most torturing part. The day when the next half of the semester resumes, I bet many of us will be experiencing a heart attack. ACCA result to be released.

*dup dap dupp dapp duppp dappp*

The list goes on... Progressive tests and internal exam results too. FAINTS!
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