September 6, 2010

Weekend Treat

Weekend is the only time for me to rest and relax. The other days of the week are devoted to 3 things. Work, work and work! Stress level is getting a lil higher as my workload is getting heavier. Not to mention, the long list of feedback and errors to be amended. I usually end up with an exhausting brain and aching back every weekday.

So, cinema and gym are my only escapade activities on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes, may go for shopping. I do all these alone by the way. Don't ask me why. Some people may find it silly to watch a movie on their own. But I enjoy spending time by myself. I have the freedom to watch any movie at any time and anywhere. No need to compromise with others. Agree?

Watched 3 movies for the past 2 weeks...

Grown Ups is damn hilarious. These guys never fail to make the audience laugh like mad throughout the show. It's true how things might have changed from the last generation. But kids nowadays are certainly too hooked up with technological gadgets and have no interest towards outdoor activities. Parents should watch this.

Piranha is bout man-eating fishes. All you can see is horribly bitten dead human bodies from the beginning to the end. Totally speechless. It's no joke to weak-hearted person. Please do not have your meals before the show. You may end up puking.

Step Up 3 is freaking awesome. Loves everything bout it. The music, the dance moves, the actors and actresses. It seriously turned me up. A must watch! You'll never regret.
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Malaysia Turns 53

Independence Day is supposed to be a public holiday for Malaysians. But not for those working in my company. We work for many different countries, therefore we follow their public holidays. Despite of this reason, we still preserve Malaysian culture. All staff has to wear traditional outfit during certain occasions and Independence Day is one of them.

It's been a long time since I wear baju kurung or qipao. The very last time should be during National Service when I had to perform a drama. So, I find myself a lil awkward in baju kebaya. Bro said I look almost like a tree. LMAO...

What do you think???

Love to see my colleagues in traditional outfits of different races. Malays wearing qipao, Chinese wearing baju kebaya, Indians wearing Punjabi suit. We practise One Malaysia!

Colourful Malaysians

Somehow, I agree with Azli that we looked as if we were going for Raya celebration instead of going to work. Maybe 2 in 1 since Raya is near the corner.

No holiday for Raya as well. We'll be celebrating it with our computers.
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End Of Training

27 August 2010 marked the end of my training period. Will still be considered as a trainee till the confirmation day somewhere in January. I faced many ups and downs together with the other 6 trainees for the past 2 months. We turned from someone with zero knowledge into semi skilled staff. Everything we gained today all thanks to our lovely trainer, Yogi.

Love her

In order to show our gratitude, we organised a pizza party that evening. Was so worried the pizzas from Domino's would not be delivered as it was my 1st time ordering through their website. Haha... Noob!


Let me introduce you to my fellow colleagues. They have been my close buddies since I joined the company.

(From left): Dayang, Bee, Haizrie & Nana

(From left): Yogi, Tasnim, Azli & me

Multi-racial team

Foosball competition in the locker room after dinner. Haizrie and Nana vs Yogi and Bee. Tonnes of laughter could be heard.

That's juz part of our working life!
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