September 6, 2010

Malaysia Turns 53

Independence Day is supposed to be a public holiday for Malaysians. But not for those working in my company. We work for many different countries, therefore we follow their public holidays. Despite of this reason, we still preserve Malaysian culture. All staff has to wear traditional outfit during certain occasions and Independence Day is one of them.

It's been a long time since I wear baju kurung or qipao. The very last time should be during National Service when I had to perform a drama. So, I find myself a lil awkward in baju kebaya. Bro said I look almost like a tree. LMAO...

What do you think???

Love to see my colleagues in traditional outfits of different races. Malays wearing qipao, Chinese wearing baju kebaya, Indians wearing Punjabi suit. We practise One Malaysia!

Colourful Malaysians

Somehow, I agree with Azli that we looked as if we were going for Raya celebration instead of going to work. Maybe 2 in 1 since Raya is near the corner.

No holiday for Raya as well. We'll be celebrating it with our computers.


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