August 22, 2010

See You Again

The day Aunt Rosalind and Lauren flew back to US...

Had our last reunion lunch at Madam Kwan's.

Reserved our table the day before. Uncle Wai joined us too. Had not seen him for ages. He used to visit us and be one of my playmates when I was a child. But he refused to have his photos taken due to his age. Speechless.

Bro and I reached the restaurant 1st. While waiting for the rest, we camwhore nearby.

So cute... =P

It was my 2nd time dining at Madam Kwan's. Previously I tried its Nasi Lemak. Not bad. This time I tried its Nasi Bojari. Taste superb. The fried chicken is so tender. Thumbs up!

I managed to take the photo of each sub-family. The 3 children - Aunt Rosalind being the eldest, followed by my dad and youngest Uncle Bernard.

1st child

2nd child

3rd child

Strolled around Empire Shopping Gallery for an after meal exercise. I bet everyone has gained weight since Aunt Rosalind arrived to Malaysia. She had been feeding us the food heaven. LOL...

Aunt Rosalind and Lauren checked out from the hotel at 2pm and we moved to KLIA. The plane would be departing at 7pm. So, we spent the next few hours having family talk and snacking on McDonald ice cream and fries.

Gonna miss them so much. Looking forward to see them again.

Take care my dearies...


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