August 21, 2010

Visitors From US

Aunt Rosalind and Lauren came to Malaysia for a 2 weeks visit on 1st August. Uncle Eddie didn't follow them over. So, I took a lot of photos just to keep him updated. He named it the "Rosalind-Lauren Official Holiday Journal". LOL...

We met up with Aunt Rosalind and Lauren in the evening for reunion dinner. They only come back every 4 years. We keep in touch through email all the while. Thanks to technological advancement.

Needless to introduce the restaurant...

The food is not bad. But the price is expensive. Dinner for 11 pax costs us almost RM400.

*wallet became slim*

Wondering why only photos of food were taken but not the family members? Since everyone was so busy enjoying the meal and some of them looked pretty tired, I let everyone settle down before I snapped my heart out the next time we gathered.

The very next day, all trainees in my company were on leave. Accompanied Lauren to Cosmo Theme Park located in Times Square while Aunt Rosalind and Aunt Agnes ran some errands. Had lunch at Sushi King 1st.

My Unagi bento

Ain't she cute?

I personally hates going to the theme park for 2 reasons. 1stly, I'm afraid of terror rides. I don't trust the rides are safe. I was nearly flung out from my seat in one of the rides. Shit man! I held so tightly onto my lil cousin to ensure she was in place. I swear I'll never go there ever again. 2ndly, it's childish to play along with the other kids. Those young fellows kept staring at me.

But then, I'm glad Lauren had so much fun. It's wonderful to see that bright smile on her face. What's more that an elder cousin sis can ask for?

Moved to Sungai Wang later in the evening. Bro joined us for dinner at Super Noodle House after he finished work. Aunt Rosalind missed its delicacies especially roasted duck.

Window shopped for another 2 hours before sending them back to the Empire Hotel. I was seriously tired at the end of the day. Had joint pains due to over usage of strength to hold my cousin during the rides at the theme park.

Please... No second time!


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